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5. Understand your security level when compared to best practices

Compliance report displays, which requirements you have already implemented and how. You can understand what your level is and clearly communicate about it for an auditor or for your own top management.

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In Cyberday you can create different kind of reports whenever they are needed. No matter if you're looking to create a compliance report, policy document or legal description, you can find a suitable report template from our library in Cyberday. The smart reports are fetching the information needed directly from your tasks, guidelines and documentation items to create a dynamic document in the selected language for you. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

Reporting Types

Cyberday offers you different kinds of reports in an agile way. Any report can also be downloaded in a printable format, if needed. You can create compliance reports, policy reports, document reports, embedded reports and even visual reports. Simply search for the report of your choice in the "Reporting" section in Cyberday, click on the report you wish to create and adjust the template if needed.

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Would you like to learn more about i.e. how to create a report in Cyberday, how you can add your custom logo or how to update an existing report? Make sure to check our Academy and help articled here to become a reporting expert in Cyberdy.