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Cyberday team is on the frontlines of cyber security and data protection development. You can learn more about our work by reading our blog or getting familiar with our technology.

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Ismo Paananen

founder & CEO

Aleksi Pulkkanen

Founder & COO
We're a 8-person team  with headquarters in Tampere, Finland. Every day our team is working with customers, following cybersec trends and writing new code.

To ask us anything, you can reach our team either directly or through the form below.

Our approach

Built for familiar environments

Collaborate with people in Teams or Slack and take advantage e.g. of PowerAutomate integrations.

Compliance from security

We don't want you to be doing separate compliance work. You implement good security, we create the compliance layer.

All-in-one approach

All aspects of cyber security, from data inventory to risk and continuity to technical security - in one clear solution and price.

Making sure you succeed

We help you succeed in multiple ways - through chat, in personal Teams meetings and in weekly webinar sessions.

Memberships and certifications

Common drivers for security compliance

Customer demand for proven security

Building proven cyber security is essential for maintaining customer’s trust and loyalty.

Legal demand and requirements

Increasing amount of industries have specific legal requirements related to information security.

Avoiding financial losses

Good cyber security measures help prevent cyber attack losses by reducing the breach likelihood.

Ensuring continuity of own operations

Critical business functions need to continue smoothly also in the event of a cyber incident.

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