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Cyberday is used by all kinds of organizations that take digital security seriously. Along are many large enterprises, smaller startups, public administration organizations and health care actors.

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Tietosuojamalliin luottavat isot ja pienet, yritykset, kunnat ja järjestöt.

Some excerpts from public procurement decisions below.

"In comparison, the advantages of the Cyberday were a cheaper price, the comprehensive scope of the service, ease of use and an unlimited number of users. The system does not require a separate installation or login, but works as part of the Microsoft Teams environment that is already in use. This supports the purpose in which the use of the system would be actively and efficiently involved in everyday life in the future."

"The Information Management Act requires a municipality to prepare an information management model during upcoming years. Case management and information management familiarized themselves with various options for implementing the information management model during the beginning of the year. It was decided to acquire Cyberday as the base of work."

"Cyberday can be used to significantly reduce the municipality's burden in managing the requirements set by the law and to enhance the management and control work related to digital security. The service helps to increase the information security and information management skills of the personnel and reminds of taking care of their own responsibilities on time."

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