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Control management

Decide which safeguards you implement and see your security level

Controls are implemented as tasks in Cyberday. All safeguards you've implemented to protect  data should be displayed as technical, organizational, people or supporting tasks in Cyberday. Then you'll see your compliance level.

Tietosuojamalliin luottavat isot ja pienet, yritykset, kunnat ja järjestöt.

Understand what's needed

We're your translators and turn complex framework requirements into straightforward tasks.

Collaboration in Teams

Delegate a whole theme or single tasks forward. Teams bot wont let the new task owner forget his responsibilities.

Guided implementation & assurance

We will show you, according to the task type, how to implement the tasks and how to demonstrate also for others that it is done.

Controls are implemented through tasks in Cyberday

Compliance reports help you, an auditor or your management understand, how different requirements are implemented in your activities. In Cyberday's content library tasks are generic, which means implementing one can improve compliance and implement controls in multiple frameworks.

Different tasks need a different approach

Technical tasks are often implemented with technology. Link your chosen security system to demonstrate you have implemented the task. You can also use additional assurance info to e.g. demonstrate task owner's responsibilities in ensuring the protection works.

People tasks are implemented by ensuring organization's staff works securely. Define guidelines in the linked lists and distribute them through Guidebook tab. Teams bot automatically notifies staff when they have unread guidelines.

Organizational tasks need planning and writing. Use the documentation and report templates linked on the task card to e.g. gather key information about data assets, create continuity plans, analyse risks or create shareable documents.

There are also a lot of supporting tasks that are implemented by having a clear, written-down process. You can always utilize other assurance methods, when needed.

Harden your assurance, when needed

You also have a growing list of other assurance methods available. You can use these to e.g. delegate the implementation for multiple people, link additional guidelines to non-people tasks or write an internal how-to description about the implementation.

Everyone gets notified of own security responsibilities through Taskbook

Taskbook is the one-page view for your key security people, which displays their security responsibilities. Taskbook lists the owned tasks, documentation items or reports and highlights the things needing urgent attention. Teams bot weekly reminds of the Taskbook status.

Connect your custom tasks to correct framework sections

Usually in Cyberday you don't need to worry about creating your own tasks - we tell you what's needed. But once you get further in the work, you will want to add some custom safeguards. Create your own tasks and to get them to the compliance reports, connect them to relevant requirements.