Employee guidelines

Automate employee guidance and awareness inside Teams

Strong personnel security needs you to make it clear for employees, what is everyone's role in information security. We think it's following the guidelines and helping to improve them. You can also enable training extensions and automate this all in MS Teams.

Tietosuojamalliin luottavat isot ja pienet, yritykset, kunnat ja järjestöt.

Activate the guidelines your staff must follow

Admins can create the guidelines by activating our ready-made examples, editing them or creating totally custom guidelines.

Set distribution mode to start enforcing the guideline

When you set a guideline to be distributed for ALL or only for selected UNITS, the guideline will instantly activate in corresponding employees' Guidebooks.

Guidebook is the smart, one-page, monitored security manual

Each employee will see all guidelines assigned for them in their Guidebook, which is easily accessible directly in MS Teams. Bot will automatically notify users when they have something to read via the Chat-section on Teams.

Expand Guidebook to true employee training

With a couple of easy settings changes, you can expand the Guidebook to also training side. Our ready-made case examples explain the "why" behind each guideline and skill test questions test employees' knowledge of the covered security themes.

Monitor the process as an admin

Admins have plenty of overview available on the dashboard's All events -section. Find overview's of guideline details, received comments, skill test results and guideline-specific logs.

Target guidelines for relevant units to improve efficiency

To make your guidance more targeted, you can either define own custom units or target guidelines for automated Cyberday units, like data system owners or risk owners.

Automatize Teams app distribution for all 365 tenant users

You can do this easily from Teams admin center, if you're running the Guidebook process e.g. for hundreds of employees. Create a setup policy and you ensure, that all new 365 tenant users will automatically be included on your security guidance process!