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Compliance reporting

Streamline audits and demonstrate compliance for anyone

Compliance reports will help you communicate how you're implementing different requirements and understand what you could do to harden your execution even further.

Tietosuojamalliin luottavat isot ja pienet, yritykset, kunnat ja järjestöt.

Automatic reporting

Save time from typing that is not necessary. Activate tasks in Cyberday and your reports will start turning greener.

Ever-growing report library

If some report template you'd need is missing from our library, we will create it.

Simplify audit work

Have one source of truth you'll be looking at - whether it's an internal or external audit - that always points to right direction.

All tasks connect to sections on frameworks

Cyberday includes a vast library of best practice cyber security content. When you activate a framework, you get a list of tasks to implement. You can see on each task card, which requirements or controls this task will help you implement.

Comliance report tells the story of your compliance

Auditors will ask in audits, how you have implemented the related requirements. Compliance report helps you streamline this process by automatically creating a report that display framework's reguirements and the status of tasks linked to it.

Understand how to start and how to improve past pure compliance

The overview for the framework in Cyberday includes the most important content and the steps to get you going. You can later also get ideas for continuous improvement from other framework-linked tasks - that will help you improve beyond the minimum compliance level.

Report library supports other communication needs too

You will find plenty of other report templates linked to each framework. They have different goals, often communicating about implementing a single important theme rather than about the general compliance level.

Connect your custom tasks to correct framework sections

Usually in Cyberday you don't need to worry about creating your own tasks - we tell you what's needed. But once you get further in the work, you will want to add some custom safeguards. Create your own tasks and to get them to the compliance reports, connect them to relevant requirements.