Improve and certify your cyber security

Cyberday splits chosen frameworks (e.g. ISO 27001, NIST CSF, ISO 27701) down to prioritized security tasks and guides you in implementing them directly inside Microsoft Teams.

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Deploy easily as Microsoft Teams app

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Tietosuojamalliin luottavat isot ja pienet, yritykset, kunnat ja järjestöt.

Most popular frameworks

In Cyberday you can pick the most important cyber security frameworks as targets for your work. From these, a single list of security tasks is formed to your management system. Read more from solution pages.

How security works in Cyberday

Get a clear plan on how to improve and get compliant in the process. See a detailed version


Choose your frameworks

Configure your security work by choosing your most relevant entities from framework library.
ISO 27001
Local laws
ISO 27701
ISO 27017
ISO 27018

Get a list of security tasks

Cyberday's content AI tells you what to do to be compliant with all selected frameworks.
587 tasks in content library
Tasks cross-linked to 13 frameworks and 249 risks

Implement tasks inside Teams

According to the type of each task, they will need different owners and different assurance.

Cyberday guides you inside
Teams environment.
Delegate tasks for correct owners
Cyberday tells how to implement

Gather assurance information

Connect security systems, create documentation with the help of workflows and templates or distribute guidelines to people to ensure a task gets done.
Technical tasks
Organizational tasks
People tasks

Everything you need for security management

Understand what's happening around your information security

Dashboard lists the active frameworks that configure for the organization's management system, a summary of the contents of the management system by theme, and other status information. In connection with each theme, the state of the tasks inside each theme is displayed and who is primarily responsible for their implementation.

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Understand what to do and how, to meet the requirements

Work in the Cyberday is guided through security tasks. Tasks tell you what kind of work is required of the organization and how this requirement could be met. Each user sees the actions assigned for them in their personal Taskbook-view.

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Set the bar to a level that suits you

By selecting the most relevant requirement frameworks to guide digital security work from the perspective of their own operations, the organization is able to focus its efforts on digital security on important issues. Often, the same security task is associated with many requirements, so the compliance improves for many frameworks and double work is eliminated.

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Train and instruct staff automatically

Guidebook-tab is the end user's view of Cyberday. Admins define the guidelines, and staff are required to confirm the guidelines as read and accepted. They can also assist in improving the guidelines by commenting. Reminders are sent automatically by Cyberday's Teams bot and the process can be extended to include training content and skill tests.

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Gather the necessary information efficiently

Identified risks, data systems, processors of personal data ... Digital security work requires a systematic record of many things, either for reporting or to guide one's own work. Collect data in a smart format using ready-made data templates, examples and instructions. Each user sees the documentation items assigned for them in their personal Taskbook-view.

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Generate the desired summary with one click

A policy, a description required by law, or a report about the organization's information security operating models in general. To own management, external authority or auditor. You can find ready-made report templates for all kinds of reporting needs in Cyberday's report library, through which organization's own, ready-made reports are created directly with one click.

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