Use cases
By method
Dynamic policy and procedure documents

Use documents to create shareable overviews, deploy with other means.

Policy and procedure documents have their purpose. They're great for sharing information outside of your ISMS, but they're bad as deployment tools. That's why in Cyberday content lives in the ISMS and dynamic documents can be created from that content.

Tietosuojamalliin luottavat isot ja pienet, yritykset, kunnat ja järjestöt.

Dynamic contents

Your tasks, guidelines and documentation will automatically be fetched into relevant policies and procedures.

One-click creation

Report templates are always at your disposal. When the need arises, create the relevant policy or procedure document with one click.

Ever-growing report library

Our report templates include policies and procedures for all use cases. If something's missing, we'll create it.

Smart policies with dynamic content

Looking for a risk management procedure or an access management policy? We have them all with a modern twist.

These report documents fetch their content directly from your tasks, guidelines and documentation items to create a dynamic document. Implementation of the document is monitored in other parts of Cyberday.

Create the needed policy when you need a shareable overview

Find all kinds of policies as report templates, including 'Access management policy', 'Malware protection policy', 'Data classification policy', 'Continuity planning policy', 'Vulnerability management policy' and many more.

Procedures are dynamic reports that describe certain aspect in detail

Procedure report templates are meant e.g. risk management in detail and showcase evidence for implementing the procedure. They include a text section where you can modify key parts and end with a dynamic, read-only summary of the related documentation results.

Standards require many kinds of procedures

E.g. for ISO 27001 certification audit you will need a risk management procedure, internal audit procedure, management review procedure and a personnel awareness procedure. All needed procedures are available in Cyberday as report templates.

Share reports securely and easily to a selected 'team' inside MS Teams

You don't need to start sending .pdf files around to get an auditor or management to familiar with your policies or procedures. Star the publishable reports, add Cyberday app to a selected team and a read-only list of reports will be shared with the correct people.