Cyber security at Agendium Ltd

We also make full use of our own tools. Read more about our company's security objectives
and ways to manage and improve our own cyber security.

We have achieved the ISO 27001 -certification

Agendium Ltd is the company behind Cyberday. We focus all our attention to Cyberday development, maintenance and customer service.

We got the ISO 27001 -certificate in 2021. We utilized Cyberday to manage our own compliance in an identical way as we recommend to our customers.

We're happy to tell you more about the certification process. We didn't create a single separate Word, Excel or any other file - the whole ISMS was run in Cyberday.

Certificate covers all company activity (Cyberday development, maintenance, sales and marketing)
Monitored compliance

Comprehensive information security management system

Our own cyber security is guided by an ISMS implemented with Cyberday, in which we use e.g. ISO 27001 and GDPR frameworks.

We're also referring to e.g. CSA Star program for best practices. The management system describes the tasks of the core personnel, the guidelines for all personnel and the documented assets which are to be protected.

Data protection requirements are as essential for us as security requirements. After all, Cyberday has once begun its journey under the name of the "Data protection model".

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Legal issues

Additional security information

Of course, we take a variety of other security measures. In addition, we have specified e.g. the terms required by GDPR for audits, assisting with requests for information, or restoring customer-managed data to the following terms:

Cyberday terms of use

Terms of use also include these two separate entities:

Data processing agreement
Cyberday privacy notice

Cyber security in Cyberday app

Read more about the security-related features in Cyberday.
Works fully inside Microsoft Teams

Secure and familiar Teams environment

Cyber security issues should not be forgotten as their own separate island. On the other hand, people are already starting to have enough separate apps and usernames in use.

Cyberday brings cyber security work to Teams. Less dissemination of information, less new to learn and no new cyber security risks.

Login with AD-credentials
Familiar and easy environment for users
Technical vulnerability management

We regularly scan and test our own code

Managing technical vulnerabilities is an important part of our information security management system. This theme has its own owner and clearly defined task responsibilities.

We utilize several different tools e.g. from GitLab to find vulnerabilities and do penetration testing.

Static (SAST) application security testing
Dynamic (DAST) application security testing
Dependency scanning
Secret detection
Two-factor authentication

MFA or Teams-integrated authentication provided

If you do not yet use the Teams environment or people outside it are involved in the cyber security work, they can be required to use two-factor authentication using the methods you want.

Contact our team, if you would like to force two-factor authentication on.

Data location and partners

Service provided with established, leading partners

All data managed through Cyberday is stored in EU data centers. We utilize world-class partners in data processing who have at least as comprehensive certifications for their own data security.

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Developing our customer security

Helping you understand cyber security

We're not only providing our customers with support for using the tool, but we want to help you develop your cyber security expertise.

We organize webinars weekly, offer support via chat, and continually develop sample content for our tools to help implement management tools or provide guidance to staff.

And always when the need arises, you can book a time for a personal Teams meeting at a time that suits you.

Teams meetings
Chat support
Library content

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