Reporting templates

Dynamic reports fetch content from your Cyberday and fill all reporting needs

Occasionally you'll need to share summaries of done work with top management or auditors. No matter if you're looking to create a compliance report, policy document or legal description, you will find a suitable report template in Cyberday.

Tietosuojamalliin luottavat isot ja pienet, yritykset, kunnat ja järjestöt.

Smart procedures and policies with dynamic content

Looking for a risk management procedure or an access management policy? We have them all with a modern twist.

These report documents fetch their content directly from your tasks, guidelines and documentation items to create a dynamic document. Implementation of the document is monitored in other parts of Cyberday.

Different report types for different use cases

Compliance reports demonstrate e.g. for an auditor or your own management, whether you have implemented and how you have implemented requirements of related framework.

Policies are dynamic documents that fetch live task, guideline and documentation content to create a shareable overview of the corresponding theme

Document reports answer to required reporting needs. They create their content automatically through templates and related documentation.

Statement reports are designed for credible security communication towards customer or other stakeholders. Choose the detail level and needed contents, and a professional-looking report is instantly created with your content.

Sometimes public reporting is a requirement. Create an embeddable report in Cyberday and publish it on your site by copying the embed code. Report is easily accessible and can be updated with a single click.

Ever-growing report library to suit all reporting needs

We're continuously expanding our library of report templates. They cover documents required by certain frameworks. Every reports works with a one-click method, meaning you can have a ready-to-use report in your hands without making any changes.

Simple report creation and dynamic data updating

All report templates are ready-to-use. Click to create and you will immediately get a version with your current content. Update report data to fetch the latest dynamic content for the report for publishing a new version.

Make custom edits smoothly

The static content on reports you can edit directly. Just click the edit icon and make changes. We also highlight some sections on reports that need to filled by you on the first time.