Reporting in CyberDay

Report library

A growing amount of reports for all requirements

Different frameworks often come with customer reporting requirements. We've created a reporting engine, which can be utilized for all kind of reporting requirements.

We create new report templates continuously. Cyberday includes different types of reports for different use cases: documents for management communication, embeds for public communication and visual reports for developmentary work.

Records of processing activities
Data protection statement
Risk overview
Compliance reports
"One-click" Reports

Create or update a report with a single click

CyberDay enables you to report just in time. Time isn't needed to create the report, when the documentation is filled using our smart templates.

Printable and familiar format
Update the report with one click
Multiple data formats on report
Quick edits to reports

Edit report sections or add your own content

When needed, you can further customize the content of the report. You can enable or disable whole sections, e.g. when documentation is still in progress, or replace a data table with an explanation of your own.

Quick edits
Instruction texts for the reader
Custom report templates