Signup via Teams

Cyberday works inside Microsoft Teams. You don't need separate user management can utilize the Teams bot to offer a connection for employees e.g. to distribute cyber guidelines.

To signup for free 14-day trial via Teams, start by installing the "Cyberday" Teams app and accessing it to create an account.

Download Cyberday Teams app

* opens directly inside MS Teams


Signup in web browser

If you don't want to install the Teams app, you can signup for 14-day free trial directly from this website.

Signup via website

Signup via browser version

If you don’t want to download the Teams app, you can start a free 14-day trial right from this website.

Signup via browser version

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Cyberday Frequently Asked Questions

How do I signup for 14-day free trial?

There's two ways to do it! Instructions are below.

Via Microsoft Teams:
1. Install "Cyberday" app
2. Navigate to Organizations dashboard
3. Verify your identity

When you're the first user from your Teams domains, you will become the admin and the account creation will start. Creating the account takes a few minutes.

Via this website:
1. Click Free Trial -button and select the "Try browser version" -option
2. Create account and login with your email address or Google account
3. Fill in your organization details

This will start the account creation process, which takes a few minutes.

What does the amount of employees mean in pricing?

The pricing of Cyberday is based on the number of employees covered by the system. Pricing is not based on the number of users. Users can be involved right amounts at different stages of the  development and in appropriate roles (from the administrator to the "line worker" who just accepts their guidelines) - the price remains the same.

E.g. at the beginning of a certification audit, an organization must define the "scope" of its own ISMS. The scope tells which parts of the organization’s operations are covered by the ISMS. In most cases, the system applies to whole organization and personnel, but sometimes it may make sense to limit the focus to e.g. a specific unit, location, or production of a selected service. In these cases, the number of employees refers to the personnel in this part of the organization.

How can I get support?

You can always see the Chat support button on the bottom right corner when using our app. You can also test it out on this site.

We're also regularly arranging webinars about Cyberday and different cyber security themes. You can find an up-to-date list always from Webinars-page. You can also email us any time at

There's no commitments on the trial, right?

No commitments. Cyberday includes a free and no commitments trial that by default lasts for 14 days. Trial period can even be extended - just ask us e.g. via chat.

If we have some current cyber security documentation, will you help us import it?

Yes - we can help you bring e.g. current data system listings directly into Cyberday. The amount of work depends on the format the current data is in.

I'm a consultant / ICT-partner and would like to use CyberDay to help my customers - is that possible?

Of course and you can even become a partner! This way you'll be compensated if a customer orders Cyberday through you. Please contact us at

Can we pay monthly / yearly?

Yes - this is totally your own choice. By choosing the 12-month billing cycle you get a discount of 17%.

What if I quit? Can I export my data?

Yes you can.

You can use Excel-export functionality on all the documentation lists. Reporting also includes plenty of templates, which you can use to export stuff in a usable format. You can also get a JSON-export from us, if you're looking to move onto some similar compliance management system.

How quickly can I start using Cyberday?

You can get started immediately! Go to Trial-page and choose the best option for you.

If you'd like to get some training first, you can book a demo with our team. Find an available time >>