Documentation in CyberDay

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Gather required info to ready-made templates

Each documented asset has its own, ready-made documentation template. By answering the questions the required documentation is formed piece-by-piece.

The questions are answered by linking data with the help of suggestions and own earlier documentation. This creates a smart library of content, which can be monitored and used for automatized reporting.

Ready-made form templates
Linking between assets
Suggestions and instructions
Complete audit log
Familiar and smart view

Table-view helps you see the overview like in Excel

Each documentation asset has its own list view with ready-made tabs and column data.

Click any of the cells to go edit data and get an overview just by looking at the colors - green means done!

Color gives the status
Tabs for different point-of-views
Efficient sorting and search
Export to Excel
Support in multiple ways

Instructions, suggestions and our team will help you

You will never be left alone while using CyberDay. Find instrcution text for each question, plenty of example  suggestions for each field and reach our team quickly via chat support.

Instruction texts in tool
Suggestions from our global library
Chat support

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