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Build clear procedures for NIS2's information security topics

Connect information security risk management, incident management, personnel awareness guidance and other security measure deployment and give your team the tools to work together in MS Teams to create systematic security management.

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What is NIS2?

The NIS2 directive is the EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity. Directive lists 13 main areas of information and cyber security, for which organizations in scope need to have clearly defined own measures. These include for example information security risk management, incident management, personnel training and guidance, supply chain monitoring and use of encryption.

NIS2 fixes shortcoming in original NIS directive and increases its scope significantly. NIS2 covers important industries, such as energy, transport, health, manufacturing and ICT service management. The aim of the directive is to improve the EU's cyber resilience and responsiveness.

Here's how Cyberday simplifies your NIS2 compliance:

Get started by activating the NIS2 framework from our library

NIS2 can be found in the Cyberday framework library, like many other frameworks related to information security.

By activating the framework, you immediately get your own cyber security plan filled with recommended measures. Through these tasks, your compliance starts to improve.

The contents also work well with other frameworks, such as the ISO 27001 standard, so you don't do double work.

Get an automated report of your NIS2 compliance

You can activate NIS2 as a framework in your Cyberday account. By doing that, you can target your information security plan to compliance with NIS2.

Cyberday automatically creates a report for NIS2 compliance. Through this report you have a big picture of which NIS2 requirements are strongly and (which poorly) covered.

Identify, evaluate and treat information security risks

Cyberday offers tools for information security risk management - all the from risk identification to evaluation and treatment.

It is important that risk management is in the same place with other NIS2 actions, so that risk management is connected to the rest of the ISMS (information security management system).

Understand what needs improving and how to do it

When you activate NIS2 framework in Cyberday, you get immediately a plan with recommended measures.

Pending tasks are telling you which kind of measures you should have been implemented to compliance.

You will first understand how to achieve a compliance, and later you will understand how to harden your security level in the wanted areas.

Automated employee guidance and awareness training

A significant part of the NIS2 directive is ensuring the safe operation of the organization's personnel. A large part of various information security incidents start through people's careless actions.

In Cyberday, personnel guidelines are distributed via the Guidebook, which can also be expanded with training material. You will receive ready-made guideline examples that you can easily modify to suit your own needs and target the appropriate units.

Get top management to participate through audits and management reviews

Internal audits and management reviews are examples of systematically engaging top management in monitoring information security. The NIS2 directive brings negligence into the scope of criminal liability, in which case the organization's top management can be held responsible for operational deficiencies.

Documentation cards help record the results of each internal audit or management review. By using report templates, you get a summary of the entire procedure in a shareable format.

More NIS2 content available via the Academy

We regularly arrange webinars about NIS2 topics. In addition, you can find free how-to videos and articles at the Academy that go through the areas of information security listed in the NIS2 directive in more detail.

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