Recent development in Cyberday

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This page lists the recent product updates to Cyberday and biggest upcoming new features

Separation to selected documentation dropdowns - current items vs. suggestions

At certain documentation points, e.g. when selecting service areas for processes, an organization may want to create a pre-definedlist of options that all users should make the choice from.

In this case, the suggestions in the example library should not be strongly imposed on users. We created a new field type where the first level shows the current selections, the second level the library suggestions.

April 1, 2021
small improvement

Selected data fields in the documentation that link to the tasks also display suggestions from the library

For example, when treating security risks, the 'Risk management measures' field on the risk card now not only lists previously added tasks, but also displays suggestions from the Cyberday library.

The idea is to help the risk management phase so that example tasks can be used to analyze ways to reduce risk. Are we missing some important tasks that would be needed to manage the risk?

When you decide to enable the task, click on the check box and then set the owner and deadline for the task. This information will also appear on the risk card after this.

P.s. Similar data fields can be found e.g. from data cards for security incidents, impact assessments and data breaches.

April 1, 2021
small improvement

When a task status is changed, dont' reload the entire task list

A small fix to improve usability / speed

April 1, 2021
bug fix

It is also possible to arrange the documentation table with the information in the "owner" column

A small improvement to make the documentation table even easier to use.

April 1, 2021
small improvement