Recent development in Cyberday

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This page lists the recent product updates to Cyberday and biggest upcoming new features

Guidebook expanded with case examples and skill tests

We published improvements to employee cyber awareness features, which are reflected as expansions to the Guidebook view:

  • There are "case examples" available for each guideline that describe real-life situations that have occurred as a result of non-compliance with the guidelines
  • Case examples must be read before accepting the actual guideline, if you enable them from organisation settings
  • After reading the guidelines for one theme (e.g. Remote work and mobile devices), the employee can be asked to take a short skill test
  • The skill test means a few (3-8) multiple-choice questions related to the guidelines in the theme
  • From the organization dashboard admins can see these guidelines-related contents on the guideline card

These features will be optional, i.e. you can enable them yourself if you want in Organization Dashboard -> Settings -> Employee training in Guidebook. The new features do not automatically jump on, but by default the Guidebook still works in a straightforward way for accepting the instructions.

June 11, 2021
new feature

Clearer data presentation on documentation cards

We made some changes using a clearer layout, familiar form styles, and slightly larger fonts to make the Cyberday documentation card look familiar even to those users who visit the service only occasionally to update a specific item they own.

Only visual changes have been made to the card. The user experience is otherwise unchanged.

June 11, 2021
small improvement

New language versions available - translation testers sought

Currently Cyberday also works in German and more languages are coming along soon. Language versions will initially be included with a beta mode, through which interested active users can report and correct unclear / incorrect translations.

Contact us directly through Cyberday if you would like to contribute to the improvement of a translation. We will reward you for your effort. 🙂

June 11, 2021
small improvement

Swedish available as a language in Cyberday

Cyberday now works in Swedish. This means for us:

  • all reporting is also possible in Swedish (including accounts with a different main language)
  • an individual user can use Swedish as a working language (if it is more natural for him, even if the other account works in another main language)
  • Swedish is available as account's main language (e.g. new users are invited by default in this language)
May 14, 2021
small improvement

We will start creating examples of "process descriptions" for tasks

The purpose of the example description is to give a more precise idea of how a task could be implemented in the operation of one's own organization.

You can easily copy the example as a basis for your own description and make refinements from the perspective of your own action after that.

May 14, 2021
new feature

Clearer structure and filtering for Tiedonhallintamalli-report

Our aim was e.g. to use space on reports more clearly and efficiently, as especially many information management reports can often become very lengthy. At the same time, we enabled the content of the "Tiedonhallintamalli" to be filtered, i.e. the model can only be applied to the desired service areas or operational processes, for example.

May 7, 2021
new feature

Navigation and menu structure improved

The account of an active Cyberday organisation will include plenty of content, and sometimes it can be confusing to navigate between differen linked elements.  

We now made an effort to help users keep track of where we are going at any given time. The left menu now responds better to which theme (e.g. data system management) or which requirements framework (e.g. ISO 27001 Core) the navigation has originally started from. The menu shows more content than before, but at the same time always clearly emphasizes the theme under which and in which list we are at any given time.

April 30, 2021
new feature

New Task-card design

New task card separates the requirements and the actual execution of the task more clearly.

When the task is still pending, the requirement tab is shown along with the button to "Activate" this task on your account. When it's time to start executing the task, the "Assurance" tab is shown by default.

April 23, 2021
new feature

Small updates to Dashboard

Cyberday dashboard now presents on theme cards also the number of active tasks. Now the dashboard cards are arranged according to the full task amount on theme, not just pending tasks. This way the cards will less often change their order and navigation will be easier.

April 23, 2021
small improvement

Risk management report updated

We created a new feature that can be used to raise "active" content to reports directly from Cyberday documentation. The report can then be distributed directly in Teams to e.g. the management team or the auditor.

The risk management report was updated to use this feature. The report first includes a general summary of risks by major risks and then examples of the results of your own risk management.

Other report "Risk management procedure and results" is a more detailed report that describes the organization's process for implementing risk management in more detail.

April 23, 2021
small improvement

Events-view lists all changes on your account

Use the Events -> All view to see all activities on your Cyberday account. Filter further down by e.g. owner, theme, etc.

Different event types include:

  • Personnel guidelines - Guideline acceptance or comments from employees.
  • User management - New added users, new added employees, edited user levels, accepted invitations, removed users.
  • Content updates - Edits on documentation cards, task descriptions or guideline content.
  • Reviews - Marking a task or documentation item as reviewed
  • New content creation - Adding a new task, guideline or documentation item
April 16, 2021
new feature

New summary views: All tasks, documentation or guidelines

Use these summary view e.g. to:

  • quickly find a necessary task, guidelines or documentation list
  • view all tasks, that are owner by a leaving employee
  • view all overdue tasks
April 16, 2021
new feature

Separation to selected documentation dropdowns - current items vs. suggestions

At certain documentation points, e.g. when selecting service areas for processes, an organization may want to create a pre-definedlist of options that all users should make the choice from.

In this case, the suggestions in the example library should not be strongly imposed on users. We created a new field type where the first level shows the current selections, the second level the library suggestions.

April 1, 2021
small improvement

Selected data fields in the documentation that link to the tasks also display suggestions from the library

For example, when treating security risks, the 'Risk management measures' field on the risk card now not only lists previously added tasks, but also displays suggestions from the Cyberday library.

The idea is to help the risk management phase so that example tasks can be used to analyze ways to reduce risk. Are we missing some important tasks that would be needed to manage the risk?

When you decide to enable the task, click on the check box and then set the owner and deadline for the task. This information will also appear on the risk card after this.

P.s. Similar data fields can be found e.g. from data cards for security incidents, impact assessments and data breaches.

April 1, 2021
small improvement

When a task status is changed, dont' reload the entire task list

A small fix to improve usability / speed

April 1, 2021
bug fix

It is also possible to arrange the documentation table with the information in the "owner" column

A small improvement to make the documentation table even easier to use.

April 1, 2021
small improvement