Recent development in Cyberday

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new feature
February 23, 2024

Coming up: Visual view to documenation item connections

We are developing a visual mode to documentation cards, through which you can understand the connections between different items better.

A switch is planned to show up on top of the card to enable the visual mode. Editing would still be normally done from the card view.

new feature
February 16, 2024

Coming up: Risk management improvements + asset-based risk assessment

We are currently making improvements to the information security risk management table and to the risk workflow.

At the same time, we will introduce the possibility to deploy asset-specific risk assessments, which will allow the organisation to direct the owners of key assets (e.g. data system, data store, provider, site) to conduct a risk assessment that will go through the most important threats associated with that asset type.

The changes will be implemented so that they do not break or render useless any work previously done in related sections.

More information coming soon. 👍

small improvement
February 16, 2024

Compliance report search

Compliance reports are a main tool during information security audits.

Soon there will be a special compliance report search there to help you easily navigate to sections related to a certain topic that is discussed.

You'll see the search button on the fixed left menu and the results will be displayed on top right. Clicking takes you to the proper part of the report.

small improvement
February 16, 2024

Additional notes on audit reports

Internal auditors can now also type down other important notes when reviewing a requirement.

You can add either "positive findings" or "other notes", which can be used to e.g. document down what kind of evidence was checked when reviewing the requirement and related actions.

All notes are also then summarized on the audit's main documentation card.

small improvement
January 26, 2024

Pick guidelines that don't need yearly reviewing

You can now also select the review interval "No review" for wanted guidelines. These guidelines are then not included in the normal review cycle of guidelines.

You can use this selection for guidelines e.g. for things that are relevant only in the onboarding phase.

small improvement
January 26, 2024

Bug fixes / performance improvements

We improved usability e.g. with the "linked participants" selects and numerous other places.

We also improved saving your table sortings / filters / pages even better.

Let us know about any annoying small fixes to do - we're committed in implementing them fast.

small improvement
January 19, 2024

Upgraded Cyberday Academy

We made improvements on Cyberday Academy and will keep on producing more content there regularly. More videos, blogs and helps to assist you in getting most out of Cyberday!

small improvement
January 26, 2024

Embed report printing and accessibility

Embed reports now support accessible keyboard navigation to the appropriate part of the report. In the future, we will try to prioritize and study other accessibility improvements as well.

You can now also print out these reports for e.g. archiving, with a print view that shows all the details on one page - without navigation.

small improvement
January 12, 2024

Improvements to compliance reports

We introduced a couple of improvements on compliance reports

  • Additional category for requirements that have all other tasks fully implemented apart from 'Low' priority tasks
  • Description texts for different coloring on the report and clearer different colors
  • New compliance score as a main metric for your framework compliance
new feature
January 12, 2024

Renewed Reporting-page

We renewed the Reporting main page in Cyberday.

Goal was to more clearly group different kinds of reports, as we've been adding and will keep adding many different kinds of reports to Cyberday. We also display covers which already give an idea about the report contents.

We're going to be doing more reporting related development in the near future. 👍

new feature
January 12, 2024

Report collections - new report sharing method

You can now create report collection from the renewed Reporting-page.

When you create a report collection, these reports will be displayed on a separate tab (in the web client). In Teams the way to do the same thing is to add Cyberday app to a team.

Report collections can be used to e.g. gather together important reports to share for your auditor or top management, without granting them more extensive rights to the ISMS.

small improvement
December 15, 2023

Updates to visual look of reports

Our team is reviewing all the different report types in Cyberday and improving the different formats of showing data.

Changes will be visible for you as clearer report structures and more optimized report content.

In near future, we will also introduce new report types and also develop the reporting front page, so that you can more clearly understand which reports are the most important from the point of view of your work and whether they have already been created.

new feature
November 30, 2023

Coming up: Using images on reports and description texts

We will be enabling uploading images to improve e.g. task process descriptions or sections on reports.

small improvement
November 30, 2023

Improving filter / sorting remembering for each table and user

We now made improvements e.g. on All tasks -table, so that the sortings, filters and the page you were on will be remembered still, when you come back to the table from related tasks.

We will continue similar improvements in other views in the future. 👍

new feature
November 10, 2023

Coming soon: UI updates, especially to admin navigation and Dashboard

We will soon make some improvements to our user interface. The biggest changes focus on navigation (the left menu and its function) as well as the priorities on the Dashboard. We're also creating a clearer onboarding flow for new Cyberday users.​​

We are renewing the navigation with the aim of streamlining moving inside the app. The content of the left menu now always remains the same and clearly highlights the point where you are at the moment.

We are also simplifying the Dashboard so that the most important contents can be seen more clearly. The previous contents of the right bar move to the bottom of the desktop. From your own management system, we highlight three key pieces of information for each theme: the coverage of measures, the current implementation status, and the strength of evidence. The aim of working in Cyberday is to raise these values and thereby create more effective cyber security management.

We also aim to make it easier for new users to get started, e.g. with clear starting steps and a new "evaluation phase", which can be used to effectively assess the current coverage of a certain policy at the beginning of the work.​​

The update will be published next week. We will also inform about changes directly within the app. 👍