Recent development in Cyberday

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small improvement
February 3, 2023

Deactivate a user - re-assign content later

Now you can also disable a user ID in the user management. This works well if, for example, a user in your core team has changed jobs, but there is no replacing person recruited yet. In this situation you can remove access rights, but still understand which contents are assigned to the user who has already been deactivated.

Re-assigning content works in identical way also for previously deactivated users.

new feature
January 27, 2023

Coming up: Community-section in Cyberday

We're building a new Community-section to Cyberday, which will enable you to easily ask help from us, collaborate with your peers from similar roles / organizations and get ideas for your work from other community content!

Left menu will get a new Community-section, where everyone will a Support forum and Cyber news feed.

In addition you can customize the community for your personal preferences by joining collaboration groups that interest you the most. We're going to be first publishing some open groups and later expand this to also semi-open and closed collaboration. Collaboration groups will have their own forum section and some news will be shared directly into certain collaboration groups.

All participation on the Community-section will be possible either publicly (with your user profile) or anonymously. All content will also be connected to requirements from frameworks or sections in Cyberday, so discussions get structure and content can later on be displayed on other parts of the app also.

Our goal in this development is to enable sharing best practices and make sure you're never alone while using Cyberday. More info coming up soon. 👍

small improvement
January 20, 2023

"Login with Microsoft" on web UI

You can now also use your own Microsoft 365 credentials to log in to our browser interface.

new feature
January 20, 2023

Quick search in Cyberday

We are developing a global quick search for Cyberday, which helps an admin to easily jump to the item he is looking for, whether it is a list, a report or any individual item (a documentation item, task or guideline).

small improvement
January 12, 2023

Hide supplier info on published "embed" reports

If you wish, you can now make changes to the settings of published embed reports (e.g. privacy notices), so that the information of supplier companies is not displayed in connection with e.g. data system and data location information.

small improvement
January 12, 2023

Extensions for employee actions on Guidebook

We've received a good reception for the employee incident reporting features in Guidebook.

Now we're going to expand similar possibilities. In the next phase, employees can also be enabled to report about different kind of non-conformities with the ISMS and about new data systems, which are either recenctly acquired or for some other reason are missing from the ISMS data system listing.

small improvement
December 16, 2022

Showing inlinking items on documentation card

Some key assets (e.g. data systems, data stores, system providers, offices) may be linked to numerous other elements in your ISMS in multiple ways.

Some links are created directly on the documentation card, but some are created the other way, e.g. from a risk assessment to this asset or from some other assets card to this asset.

Now also these "inlinking" connections are always easily viewable on the bottom of the documentation card.

small improvement
December 9, 2022

Improvements to compliance reports

We improved the usability and contents of compliance reports. These reports are very important e.g. during audits and in general for you to understand and communicate the compliance towards a selected framework.

We improved the following things on compliance reports:

  • Faster navigation to desired parts, as different requirements inside a chapter are displayed in tabs
  • Primary assurance info for each task displayed directly in the table
  • Faster report data updates
new feature
December 9, 2022

Academy contents now available inside Cyberday app

Now anytime you're browsing around in Cyberday, we are showing you the relevant Academy content (e.g. help articles, videos, blog posts) on the left menu.

Look for the ?-icon on the menu to get some additional help, when you need it!

small improvement
November 25, 2022

Readiness assessment improvements

We published readiness assessments a while ago. These are a good way to get the work on Cyberday initially started or to evaluate your compliance towards a new framework.

We added two small additions to the feature:

  • Presenter mode: Helps you as a team review requirements for a framework e.g. together in a meeting
  • Choose assurance mode: You can choose to use the assessments in a light mode, when no additional description are required for any tasks, or select the assurance mode to require details (e.g. when requesting these from suppliers)
new feature
November 11, 2022

Coming up: ISO 27001:2022 framework

We're currently finalizing our framework for ISO 27001:2022 update. The older version of the framework will stay available normally for the 36-month transition period, during which organizations can make the transition to the new standard version at any point they want.

The new ISO 27001:2022 requirements framework will largely follow the same principles as the previous version:

  • Framework is divided into 3 levels: Core, Extended, Full
  • 90% of the content of the standard is unchanged, so the same applies to the tasks related to the framework in Cyberday. However, the 2022 version brings in 11 new controls, for which you will see the recommended tasks pop up when you update version 2013 -> 2022.

Most significant changes in the update:

  • The grouping / numbering of the standard's management means has clearly changed, as in the new version of the standard, the management means are grouped into 4 categories instead of the previous 14 categories (administrative, personnel-oriented, technical and physical)
  • This division has already been used in Cyberday before, but for this, for example, the structure of the SoA report (i.e. the conformity report of ISO 27001 frameworks) changes

We will inform you more next week, when the framework is available in Cyberday! 👍

small improvement
November 25, 2022

Remembering user-selected filters better

We have received requests from our users to improve the remembering of different sortings and filters in Cyberday. Sometimes, for example, you want to list and see assets by priority, information security incidents by status, and your own Taskbook only for "needs attention" items.

Now these features have been improved in the following views:

  • Taskbook
  • Documentation tables

Feel free to let us know if you'd like to see similar improvements for other views. These are examples of small additions we are constantly doing. 👍

new feature
November 10, 2022

Language versions for custom guidelines

Nowadays, you can define in Settings -> Guidebook settings in which languages the digital security guidance for personnel is maintained.

The template guidelines from Cyberday library are always automatically translated into all selected languages. Soon you will be able to take care of multilingualism in your own custom guidelines and in library guidelines you've edited.

You will see the content in the editing views of the guidelines separately in all the languages that you have selected to be available for the Guidebook.

small improvement
October 28, 2022

Notification of employee-reported incidents for multiple users

You can now select multiple "owners" for the Security incidents documentation list. If you have allowed employees to report security incidents through the Guidebook, every user listed in this section will be automatically notified about each incident.

small improvement
October 14, 2022

Improvements to report print views

We made improvements on the print view of reports so that they could be better utilized as pdf versions also.

We recommend using reports mainly by sharing them directly in Teams, but supporting this way of use is also important to us. We are happy to receive any wishes for further improvement of the print view. 👍