The new consulting business model

You are a cyber security consultant or a MSP with consulting aspects and would like to improve your value delivery? Get ready for a future where your success is measured by sustained partnerships and lasting impact, rather than short projects. Together, let's redefine cyber security excellence and drive mutual growth! 
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From short-term focus to long-term cooperation

Through our innovative approach, we are enabling security consultants to not only expand their businesses, but moreover to shift their focus from short-time projects to creating sustained, long-term collaborations with customers. This will lead to the creation of continuous improvement cycles, consultants may help their customers yearly or even monthly, in comparison to a traditional one-time project, resulting in steadily growing recurring revenue for the consulting business.

With Cyberday, consultants get the chance to evolve into a trusted constant partner for their customers, oversee their security status and ensure ongoing value delivery, which means recurring revenue for your business. 

Empower meetings: Monthly security reports

Initiate discussions with your customers thanks to monthly reports about previous, current and upcoming activities. This is especially beneficial for virtual CISO services!

Working with, not for your customers

By not only working for, but directly with the customer in Cyberday, you can create a sustainable cyber security compliance level for your customers. You can develop a tailored cyber security strategy and individual ISMS, aligned with the organization's goals and risk tolerance with Cyberdays agile approach of customising.

Stay closer & create long-term collaborations

Bring your value to your customers whenever it is needed, lower the barrier to reach out for help by being closer than ever. Like this, you can collaborate with your customers in the long run on adapting security plans to organizational changes.

Which partnership type works for you?


Best suited for individual cyber security influencers, like bloggers, YouTubers or other experts.
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Good fit for organizations providing security services for large client base, e.g. MSPs / MSSPs.
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Perfect for advisory teams who provide service through unique customer engagements.
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Great fit for big companies targeting overall cybersec coverage, like bigger MSPs or consultancies.
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Want to know more?

We have different, clear requirements for different partner types. We'll gladly tell you more in a meeting.

Compare partner type benefits

Affiliate links
Get your own affiliate link to share with your clients and community! The link is personal, which allows us to track clicks. If your link leads to a new subscription, you will receive 25% commission of first year payment!
1st year commission
Get a 25% commission of the first year's subscription fee of the deal you initiated, no matter how small or large the deal is!
Partner portal access
To help you get the best out of our partner program, we are using a partner portal to help you understand and see everything that is happening. Track leads, registered deals, commission payments and much more.
Deal registration
Partner portal allows you to register the deals you have collected. This makes the whole process as transparent as possible for you. Keep an overview of the deals you have registered and how much commission those will generate for you.
Free sandox / demo account
To enable you to easily tell your clients about Cyberday, you will always have a free demo account in Cyberday at your disposal, to e.g. demo some important features. All features are available - it’s just like a real account, but made for your marketing!
Free Cyberday subscription
When you can fulfil the partner requirements, you will also receive a free Cyberday subscription for your own ISMS use. You will have everything in one place and since you are a Cyberday pro already, managing your ISMS will be easier than ever!
Marketing materials
Gathering good marketing material can be challenging. As a Cyberday partner, we won’t leave you alone! We will provide you with plenty of ready-made marketing materials through the Partner portal, which you can use as you like!
Training workshops
Not a Cyberday pro yet? We will teach you how to use Cyberday like a pro to prepare  you for your client work. After 1-2 workshops, you will be on your way to become a Cyberday expert and get ready to save yourself time and effort in the future.
Annual commission
In addition to the 25% first year commission, you will receive an annual commission, i.e. continuous 25% commission of the subscription fee for as long as the deal you brought is active. Build up your recurring revenue with us!
Billing by partner
You would like to do the billing for your clients yourself? No problem if you become our Channel partner. As our Channel Partner, you can be responsible for the billing.

Key features for Cyberday partners

We're constantly creating more features to help our partners grow their revenue and deepen customer relationships

Expand your offering portfolio

Benefit from the use of our extensive framework library and content to consult your customers and adjust to their needs.

Offer guidance for your customer in compliance requirements of several frameworks, which are mapped parallelly. Save time and effort by not having to work with the same requirements over and over again.

Agile tools for gap analysis based on selected framework

Start working with the customer by having a gap assessment and evaluating the organization's current security posture. Then, continue your progress with the automatically created road map for the organization's ISMS.

Oversee your customer portfolio

See all of your clients and their status in one view and switch between the clients easily. In Cyberday, you can access a table, which shows you the current compliance level of all of your customers in just one tab.

Get notified of consultation needs directly in your consulting environment, see your customers overall status, items in the ISMS, which require attention and general activity items of your team.

Transparency and easily provable billing material

You and your team can transparently report done work under the logs for different kind of items (e.g. data systems, controls) in Cyberday. Latey you or the customer can generate a summary report to see, what actions and how much time has been used.

Be the main security partner for your clients

You as the security provider are presented as the main security partner for the customer on the Cyberday dashboard, and there's an easy way to reach you directly in Cyberday.

More info about partner features?

If you'd like to learn in more detail about some of our partner features, check out the related sections in Academy.

Working as a partner -> Cyberday Academy

How to become a partner?

1. Fill the application

Fill out your details and initiate the process by filling this partner application.

2. Book a partner meeting

Get to know us. Tell us about your visions and goals with Cyberday. Choose an available the time that works for you below.

3. Agreement and account

We'll send an agreement via email. Sign it and create your free own Cyberday partner account.

Start by improving your ISMS and get ready to grow your business with us.

4. Invite customers to Cyberday

Create customer accounts directly through your own Cyberday partner account.

Your invitees will get an extended free trial. You will receive 25% annual commission.

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