How do I create cyber security reports?

Cyberday Reports

In Cyberday, it is very easy to create any report you need. You can simply choose from our templates, select your target language and benefit from the automations. Like this, the creation of reports will be as efficient and fast as it can! All you need to do is to follow the instructions below.

Creating a new report

1. Select "Reporting" from the menu of the left side of the dashboard

2. Select the reporting language above the button " + Create new report"

3. Click "+ Create new report" from the top right corner

4. Select the report type you want and click "Step 2"

5. Select the needed report template, list or item

6. Click create report or use this template

Updating an existing Report

  1. Select "Reporting" from the menu of the left side of the dashboard
  2. Select the report you want to update from the list
  3. Click on the "update report data" button

You will see the date of the latest update date and the current version of the report on the left side of the report page and on the footer of the report cover page.

Adding a custom logo

In case you did not yet set your own logo, but would like your organization's logo to be shown in the reports, you can easily do so by adding a logo in the settings. First, you go to the Dashboard view, then you select "Settings" from the left menu. In the settings, you scroll down to "Organisation settings", click "expand" and upload your own logo. Save the settings and go back to the reporting page. Now you will be able to see your organsiation's logo in the reports.

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