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Guidelines: Use case examples and skill tests to extend awareness process

Organisation's security guidelines may seem "dry" and poorly stay in your employees memory, if they seem "too far off from real life situations".

In Cyberday, you can activate Guidebook extensions to help your employees understand the importance of the guideline in reality, not just on paper. If you would like to read more about the Guidebook-view in general, you can check out this article in our Academy.

Three stages for your Guidelines

In Cyberday, you have the following options for for most of our ready-made library guidelines to benefit from:

  • (Simple) Guideline to read and accept
  • Guideline with additionally activated case example(s) to read and accept
  • Guideline with additional case example(s) to read and accept and/or an additional skill test for the theme to do after reading all of the guidelines and case examples of a specific theme

It's not mandatory to activate the case examples or skill tests for your employees, but they may make it easier for your employees to remember the guidelines for a longer time period. By default, Guidebook works in the simple "Mark as accepted" format.

Case examples teach the 'Why' behind the guideline

One simple, but very effective way of helping your employees to understand a guideline better is a case example. This shows a real life situation, in which the guideline would have i.e. prevented a problem situation and therefore should be taken serious. This does not only help the employee to remember a guideline better, but also to follow it more carefully.

If you have activated case examples, you will see a "Read more" button instead of the "Mark as accepted" button for the simple guidelines (see picture below: upper guideline with case examples, lower guideline without case examples).

That means, a new window will pop up with the case examples to read before seeing the actual guideline once again and mark it as read and accepted. If you click the "Read more" button, a window such as the following will open with the case example(s):

Simply click on the "Go to the next step" button to either get to the next case example, if activated, or to get to the actual guideline to read and mark as accepted. The guideline will be shown in the pop-up window as well.

Employees still need to mark the guidelines as read and accepted, after reading through the case example(s) and the guideline itself. Once it is marked as read and accepted, it will appear in the same style as a simple guideline and you can see the status "Accepted". When scrolling over the accepted button, you can get more information about when it has been accepted and you can leave feedback about a guideline (i.e. "the guideline is outdated").

Skill tests are an easy way to test your employees' security competence

Skill tests are short quizzes to activate the learnings of the different topics in the Guidebook. The skill tests are available for the employees after all of the guidelines of a theme in the Guidebook have been marked as read and accepted. There is no "pass" or "fail" for the skill test, as it is purely meant for learning purposes.

Once all of the guidelines of a theme are marked as read and accepted, the link to the skill test questions will appear underneath the headline in the beginning of the theme. Simply click on the link "Start the test" to get to the skill test.

The skill test will include i.e. multiple choice or tick-box questions. There is no time limit for the test. Once all of the questions are answered, simply click on the "Submit the test" button in the bottom of the skill test.

How to activate the training extensions?

Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Organization name drop down -> settings -> Guidebook settings

In order to extend the Guidebook with the additional training content, do the following steps:

  1. Go to the organisation dashboard and click "Settings" in the menu on the left
  2. Click on "Expand" in "Guidebook settings"
  3. Enable case examples and/or skill test
  4. Remember to set the guideline review interval and allowed languages for your employee guidebook before leaving the settings.

Training content in the guidelines list (for Admins)

Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Guidelines

When you navigate to the "Guidelines" tab in the menu on the left from your organisation dashboard, you can find a list of all of the guidelines you have created for your employees. The list will show you an overview of the guideline, the theme it belongs to, to whom it is shown and the acceptance rate.

Once you click on one of the guidelines, you can find the tab "Training content". For most of our ready-made library guidelines, we have ready to use case examples and skill test questions available. For the ones, we do not have content available, but you would still like to have some content for your employees, you can add your own case examples and skill test questions. of course you can also create your own content for the guidelines for which we have content available too (blue arrow in the screenshot below). To activate available case examples and skill test questions, simply move the slider underneath to the right, so it says "active".

Creating your own case examples and questions

To add your own case examples and skill test questions, simply navigate to the "Training content" tab in the guideline card and click on the button "Add training content".

Then select if you would like to add a case example or a question for the skill test to the guideline (if you have activated both).

Once you have selected the kind of content you would like to add, you only need to fill in the content and click "Add case example"/"Add skill test question".

How can you see how people have done in skill tests?

If you would like to see the progress of your employees with the reading and the acceptance of the guidelines, do the following:

Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Organization name drop down -> More -> Employee guidelines

You will see a table with the activity of the employees and on the right side of the table, you can see how many guidelines each employee has, how many the employee has already accepted, if the employee left any comments or feedback and how many guidelines still are open to be read.

Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Organization name drop down -> More -> Skill test results

Under the tab "Skill test results" in the drop down menu, you can find information about the skill tests. You can see the status, how many skill tests have been finished, how the average of the results has been (in %) in the past and you can even see the exact results of the skill test "by clicking on "Show results").

Questions and feedback

Do you have any further questions, would need another help article or would like to give some feedback? Please contact our team via or the chat box in the right lower corner.


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