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Intro to employee Guidebook on Cyberday

What is Cyberday?

Cyberday is the organization's cyber security management system. It's used to divide responsibilities on security-related tasks and assets, ensure decided actions get taken and report about compliance from the point-of-view of standards (e.g. ISO 27001), regulations (e.g. GDPR) or other requirements.

What is Cyberday's Guidebook-view?

Guidebook is the part of Cyberday that is used by the whole company staff. Other parts of the app are only utilized by separately invited security personnel.

Guidebook is the monitored, personal cyber security manual for each employee. It includes the security guidelines you should know and follow on your everyday work. Guidebook can also include other actions where company admins need input from staff for, e.g. reporting of security incidents.

How does the Guidebook work?

Guidebook lists all your security guidelines on one page and clearly shows your acceptance status.

Example view of employee guidebook
  • On the left you see your Guidebook menu, divided to different security themes
  • On the top section you see your current acceptance status + a search to find guidelines later
  • On the middle column you see the actual guideline content

Marking a guideline as read

When a guideline is unread, you will see a purple button on the right side of the content.

You should read the guideline carefully and use the button to report to security admins, that you have understood and follow the guideline on your work.

Reading guideline-related training content

If your organization's security admins have included training content for the guideline, you will see a "Read more" button instead. Use this and read the training content first, then accept the guideline.

Training content is designed to explain the "why" behind the guideline. It usually showcases examples that could go wrong, if guideline is not followed.

Commenting to help admins improve guidelines

When you e.g. don't fully understand or just have some questions related to the guideline, you should communicate this to your security admins. You can use the "Give feedback" functionality in Guidebook to send a message, and the correct owner in your cyber security management system will be notified.

Reporting incidents through the Guidebook

If your organization has enabled this feature, you have the possibility to report to your security admins about occurred incidents through Guidebook.

Click the "Report an incident" link on top left to begin:

Fill as much of the incident details on the next steps as you can: 

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