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Adding custom requirements

Cyberday provides you all kinds of templates and suggestions. However, sometimes those are not enough and an organization needs some additional custom requirements, for example to also comply with a very specific national law, an internal regulation or anything else. There is a way of creating custom tasks, which many of our users already like to use. There is also a way to not only have custom tasks, but also custom requirements, which you can then link to either existing or new custom tasks.

Where to access your custom requirements list

Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Documentation -> other security requirements

How to create custom requirements

Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Documentation -> other security requirements

You can add new custom requirements by clicking the "Add security requirement" button in the upper right corner. Simply open the requirement and fill in the questions/information in the requirement card.

Choose from the drop down on the requirement card what type of additional requirement this is. Is it for example a customer requirement, a legislation or a framework, which you are using, which is currently not available in Cyberday?

Fill in the information of the requirement, set a status, an owner, a due date and the priority level. You can also check the activities or leave comments in the requirement log of the additional requirement item. You can edit the requirement at any time. You may also connect either custom or existing tasks, assets and other compliance actions to the requirement.

Why to use this option

You will be able to connect the custom requirements to different tasks and collect your evidence of compliance directly in Cyberday. Like this, you can for example search for already existing tasks from other frameworks and simply use the for you already familiar processes in Cyberday. You can once again set an owner and create a clear role of responsibility.

Questions and feedback

Do you have any further questions, would need another help article or would like to give some feedback? Please contact our team via or the chat box in the right lower corner.


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