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Content: Tasks, Documentation, Guidelines and Reporting

Through active cyber security work, the amount of content in the Cyberday account can increase by a considerable amount. Using Cyberday's Dashboard, users can choose to view content from the view point of a specific framework, e.g. ISO 27001 or from the perspective of a specific cyber security theme, e.g. system management, remoter work, or mobile devices.

However, sometimes it is important to be able to view content as a whole. For this purpose, use the views found on Dashboard.


Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Tasks

The Tasks-view lists all tasks from all themes. You can filter the tasks by user, framework (i.e. if you have activated several frameworks), status or search for a specific topic with the keyword search.

Scenarios where the Tasks-view can be useful:

  • Find a task using a keyword (e.g. "backups" or "ISO 12.3.1") and jump directly to the editing view. The keyword can be part of the task title, description or linked requirements.
  • Departing employee? Check the tasks assigned to them and delegate the tasks to others.


Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Documentation

The Documentation-view shows all the documentation lists where important elements of cyber security are collected.

Scenarios where the Documentation view can be useful:

  • Easily navigate to the documentation item lists you need or are responsible for.
  • Get an overview of all the content – where has information been collected and updated to?


Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Guidelines

The Guidelines-view lists all guidelines from all the themes to a combined list. The actual content of an individual guideline is displayed when the + next to the title is clicked.

Scenarios where the Guidelines view can be useful:

  • Get an overview of the set of guidelines that employees need to approve from a single view.
  • Identify which themes still lack instructions.
  • Need to update an instruction? Quickly search for it and click directly to the editing view from the table.


Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Reporting

The reporting page shows all reports that have been created and all reporting templates available for your active frameworks.

Scenarios where the Reporting-view can be useful:

  • See a list of active reports your organisation has decided to maintain to communicate about own security level
  • Find available report templates for different frameworks, e.g. filter down to GDPR to see "Records of processing activities", "Privacy notices", "Data transfers" templates and numerous others.
  • Understand different report types in Cyberday. On top of the reports list you can see the different available report types. E.g. compliance reports communicate about your compliance from framework's perspective, documents are e.g. required official documents in audits, visual reports draw connections between documentation items out, etc.

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