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How do I start to use Cyberday in Teams?

1. Downloading Cyberday app from Teams app store

Link to Teams app store is at the bottom left corner of the Teams app, the button “apps”.

Type Cyberday into the search bar.

When you open the app card and the app hasn’t been added yet you can see the button “add”.

After clicking the add button it will take just a few seconds, and the app will appear in the left sidebar.

The app is now only added to your personal Teams environment. Others have to add it themselves or Distribute the app to large groups using Teams admin.

2. Creating a Cyberday account

Open the Cyberday app and click “organization dashboard” tab.

Every user verifies their identity easily using the Microsoft365 credentials when arriving to the Cyberday app for the first time.

The app will then respond to the status of your Teams environment. The first user will see the next page where either a new Cyberday account will be created (for new Cyberday users) or connect the Teams environment to existing Cyberday account (for those who have used Cyberday already).

The "For existing Cyberday customers(?)" option on the right will only be active if we identify you as your current administrator.

The following users will no longer see this step, but will be directly linked with your organization's account.

Technical Note - The organization is identified by both the “Teams-id” and the user domain. So if you use a shared 365 environment with more than one domain, but you have different domains in your emails, you will be properly identified as different organizations from the point of view of the Cyberday.

3. Invite other users

The user can join in two different ways - by downloading the application itself and requesting access, or by setting up a user account via an email invitation from the administrator.

This is how your colleague can join on his own

You can instruct a colleague to download the Teams app and request access to the account you set up. Your colleague should:

  1. Download the Cyberday app (detailed instructions above)
  2. Go to the application, click on the "Organization Desktop" tab and Sign in with Microsoft365 IDs
  3. You will see the following message
  4. Click "Request Access"

The current administrator should confirm the access request on the "Organization Desktop" tab as follows.

  1. Click on "Settings"
  2. Go to "Pending Access Requests"
  3. Please check the email address of the requester
  4. Click "Accept Request"

Your colleague is now part of the Cyberday core team and sees the same content on the "Organization Dashboard" tab.

This is how you invite a colleague by email

To send an email invitation from the Organization Desktop tab, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on "Administrators and Team"
  3. Fill in the email address and click "Invite”

The user you invited will receive the following message in the email.

After clicking "Confirm Request and Join Workspace", the user will be instructed to fill in some more basic information (name, phone number) and then download the Teams application.

After downloading the Teams application, the user has immediate access to the "Organization Dasboard" tab.