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User management

How to invite and manage other users?

Users are the people who access and manage your organization's cyber security content. Others are "employees" from Cyberday's point-of-view, who will e.g. accept guidelines via CyberBot.

Cyberday can be used via a web client or inside Microsoft Teams.

User signup via Teams:

  1. Install the Cyberday app
  2. Navigate to app and click "Organization dashboard" tab
  3. Click "Verify" to confirm your identity
  4. Click "Request access" 

This will create the user and the access will be given, when the admin confirms the request from Organization dashboard -> Settings -> Pending access requests.

Microsoft Teams offers you the possibility to install the upp via a policy to all users. You can also e.g. send a message including installation instructions in the team for cyber security core team.

User invitaion via web client:

  1. Click "Settings" from the left menu on Dashboard
  2. Choose "Contributors"
  3. Insert email under the "Invite new contributor" heading and click Invite