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Technical tasks are often implemented with technology. Link your chosen security system to demonstrate you have implemented the task. You can also use additional assurance info to e.g. demonstrate task owner's responsibilities in ensuring the protection works.

People tasks are implemented by ensuring organization's staff works securely. Define guidelines in the linked lists and distribute them through Guidebook tab. Teams bot automatically notifies staff when they have unread guidelines.

Organizational tasks need planning and writing. Use the documentation and report templates linked on the task card to e.g. gather key information about data assets, create continuity plans, analyse risks or create shareable documents.

There are also a lot of supporting tasks that are implemented by having a clear, written-down process. You can always utilize other assurance methods, when needed.

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Task Types

In Cyberday you will find different task types. Those different task types require different actions, such as connecting a technical system, creating a guideline or creating documentation. You can read more about our task management in the Academy or by clicking here.