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Signup via Teams

Cyberday works inside Microsoft Teams. You don't need separate user management can utilize the Teams bot to offer a connection for employees e.g. to distribute cyber guidelines.

To signup for free 14-day trial via Teams, start by installing the "Cyberday" Teams app and accessing it to create an account.

Download Cyberday Teams app

* opens directly inside MS Teams


Signup in web browser

If you don't want to install the Teams app, you can signup for 14-day free trial directly from this website.

Signup via website

Signup via browser version

If you don’t want to download the Teams app, you can start a free 14-day trial right from this website.

Signup via browser version
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Cyberday Trial

Our trial is completely free of charge for you, you do not need to add any payment information and after the 14 days, the trial will automatically close. If you need more testing time, please contact the Cyberday team directly.

How can I set up the trial?

You can either get the trial by downloading the Cyberday Teams app directly from the Teams App Store or online. Read more instructions here.

More information and guides

Please find more available instructions and guides on how to get started with your trial in our Academy here.