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Where do I sign up for 14-day free trial?

There's two ways to do it! Instructions are below. Our trial is free of charge and no payment information are needed. After the 14 days are over, the account will close automatically, you will not have to cancel anything yourself. If you do however need more time to test Cyberday before making a decision, you can contact our team and extend your trial. We are happy to help!

Via Microsoft Teams:

1. Go to your MS Teams

2. Install "Cyberday" app

3. Navigate to Organization's dashboard

4. Verify your identity

When you're the first user from your Teams domains, you will become the admin and the account creation will start. Creating the account takes a few minutes. You can read more about setting up the Cyberday Teams app here.

Via this website:

1. Click Free Trial -button and select the "Try browser version" -option'

2. Create account and login with your email address or Google account

3. Fill in your organization details

This will start the account creation process, which takes a few minutes. Open your trial here now!


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