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2. Get prioritized task lists for each theme

Next step in your implementation is to delegate each theme and set the current status of pending tasks. After this you can understand your current compliance level with the selected frameworks.

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Prioritized task lists

The tasks in Cyberday are split to different Themes. Like this, it is easier to keep an overview and to set a responsible person for specific themes, who can then select task owners for each individual task. Simply click on a theme in the organization dashboard to get to the tasks.

Activating tasks

Select the for you most relevant tasks and activate those for your organization. Keep in mind that you will have to be compliant with all of the tasks related to the from you selected framework in order to become fully compliant with that framework.


You can decide the status of the task (i.e. pending, compliant, in progress), as well as the priority (i.e. critical) for each task. Cyberday has a preset of the criticality of each task when you activate it. You can adapt this for your organizations unique needs if needed.