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Our approach

Built for familiar environments

Collaborate with people in Teams or Slack and take advantage e.g. of PowerAutomate integrations.

Compliance from security

We don't want you to be doing separate compliance work. You implement good security, we create the compliance layer.

All-in-one approach

All aspects of cyber security, from data inventory to risk and continuity to technical security - in one clear solution and price.

Making sure you succeed

We help you succeed in multiple ways - through chat, in personal Teams meetings and in weekly webinar sessions.
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Our approach

We are committed to build an agile ISMS tool to make your cyber security work as efficient as ever. In order to do so, we are taking in your feedback and we are helping you whenever you need support.

Support & learning

Our team is always happy to help you if you have any questions regarding i.e. the use of Cyberday in your mind. You can contact us via the chat box or book a meeting/training session with one of our experts. You can also study selected themes in our Academy and benefit from our webinars, help articles and video courses.

Familiar environment

Cyberday works in your MS Teams environment. Simply search for the Cyberday app in your MS Teams store. We have also recently released our new Slack app integration.