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CyberSec & ISO 27001: Building your organisation's ISMS

Quick intro to ISO 27001 and starting your organisation's systematic cyber security management in Cyberday
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Presented by

Aleksi Pulkkanen

Co-Founder & COO @
Cyberday / Agendium Ltd
(45 min)
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about 45 minutes
We will present utilizing Cyberday in creating systematic cyber security management which complies with cyber security standards.

Webinar description

Welcome to our webinar training, where we go through utilizing Cyberday on organisation's cyber security management and complying with cyber security standards.

The main framework used in the training will be the leading international cyber security standard ISO 27001. We will present a step-by-step plan towards compliance. We'll start with a quick intro to the ISO 27001 standard. After this we will cover the basics of systematic cyber security management, i.e. infomation asset documentation, staff security guidelines and basic security controls, that serve as basis for later development. In the end of the webinar we will cover more advanced procedures (e.g. risk management and internal auditing) that are essential for a certification-level ISMS.

Webinar is suitable for anyone interested in developing cyber security in their own organization, as well as for current users of Cyberday who want to expand the use of the tool.

Webinar contents

1. ISO 27001 cyber security standard

  • Quick intro to main contents
  • 3-level action plan towards compliance

2. Efficiently document your cyber operating environment

  • Data systems, data pools, other data assets
  • System providers, data processors and other stakeholders
  • Incident management

3. Create an automated staff instructing and training process

  • Themes include e.g. phishing, remote work, mobile device usage and secure authentication
  • Implemention directly inside Microsoft Teams

4. Delegate main cyber security tasks with core team and ensure execution

  • Themes include e.g. access management, technical cyber security, mobile device management, partner relationships...
  • Taskbook-view ensures everyone remembers their responsibilities

5. Towards certification-ready ISMS

  • Procedures for risk management, internal auditing, management reviews
  • SoA (Statement of Applicability) and compliance reporting
  • Collaboration and report sharing for auditor

We welcome questions and comments throughout the webinar! These are also an important part of the webinar content.

P.s. Registering for the webinar doesn't commit you to anything. You may also participate either "live" or via the recording, which you will receive automatically via email after the webinar is over.

Register for the webinar

Registering for the webinar does not bind you to anything. In addition, you can arrive to comment either "live" or look back at the recording you will automatically receive in the email. Also, watching the webinar does not require any software or installations.

We recommend using a Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browser.

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