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Unit-employee AD syncing

You can use your AD groups to synchronize Cyberday unit-employee connections with them. This can help you to bring groups that might benefit from focused guidelines for certain groups or you might want to use them as participants in tasks or documentation. This also allows you to easily add different task process descriptions if the groups are units that implement some task or requirement differently.

How it works?

Dashboard -> Units and employees -> edit structure
  • Go to "edit structure" from the organisation dashboard
  • Click "sync units from Active Directory" on the edit structure -page
  • Select relevant units
  • You should select only units that are relevant for your ISMS
  • The groups are then created into units in Cyberday and the users who are linked to those groups in AD will be linked to same unit in Cyberday

To maintain these units repeat the syncing periodically or when there are changes in users.

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