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Which units to group employees into?

Units are designed to help you target relevant cyber security guidelines and training for employees.

To create a new unit:

  1. Click Organization -> Units from the Dashboard left menu
  2. Click "Add unit" from top right corner
  3. Type in the information and click "Add"

You should create the kind of units that need different cyber security skills. Unit selection doesn't need to correspond with your organization structure, but it certainly can do that.

Examples of potential units include: 

  • Different departments, e.g. sales, customer support, IT, HR, management
  • Different cyber responsibilities, e.g. data system admins, physical device owners
  • Different job characteristics, e.g. remote worker, mobile device worker

To connect employees into units:

  1. Click Organization -> Employees from the Dashboard left menu
  2. Click "Select units" from row of the correct employee
  3. Select the needed units and click "Done"

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