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Share reports in MS Teams

In Cyberday reports are summaries of data that can be distributed in read-only format outside of just admins and core team members utilizing teams insiden MS Teams. In this way, for example, certain clear summaries can be distributed to auditors or own top management.

Create a new (or use an existing) team in MS Teams

To share reports you can choose an existing or create a new team.

New team in Microsoft Teams is created like this:

  1. Navigate to the teams-tab from the navigation bar on the left
  2. Click “Join or create a team”
  3. Select “Create team”

After this you can select team members and other settings one by one or start with an existing team or from 365 group.

If needed invite new users to the Cyberday account

To view reports, users must have at least contributor user status in Cyberday.

Check the boxes “Is this an external user?” and “Allow teams access with…” when you want to share reports to an auditor for example. External users are not counted into guideline stats and are not suggested as owners for other items in Cyberday.

In Teams your Cyberday account content can be seen only by users whose domain is on the allowed domains list.

Add Cyberday app into the new MS Teams team

When Cyberday app is added to the team it adds the report view.

Actual work in Cyberday is done using the normal “Open” or "Add" option, which will point to the user's personal scope in MS Teams. “Add to team” is dedicated for report sharing.

To add Cyberday to the Teams-team:

  1. Select the team you want and click “set up”
  2. If needed verify with your 365-user
  3. Select the framework (e.g ISO27001, GDPR, etc), which report you want to share
  4. Click “Save”

There is a new tab in the channel/team you selected. This tab contains the created reports, that have been marked with a star and are related to this framework. By clicking the star in the reports you can control which reports are shown in the share view and which are only inside the organization.