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Publishing embeddable reports on your website

One type of reports are embeddable reports. You can view the list of these templates on Reporting-page by filtering with selection "Embed".

For example personal data processing regulations (e.g. the GDPR) and some national legislations require public communication about certain data processing matters. These requirements can be filled by maintaining the documentation in Cyberday and then publishing an embed report. This article will tell you how. 👍

Create a preview of the embed report

Where to find this view: Dashboard -> reporting (-> filter: Embed)

  1. Go to Organization Dashboard -> Reporting
  2. Select the report type "Embed" and open the report of your choice
  3. If not yet created: click "Create"

The report will be created instantly and the needed data will be fetched from the related documentation. E.g. the "Privacy notices" report fetches most of its data from the "Data stores" documentation list.

After you've created the report, you will be taken to the embed report page, where you can view and test out the preview version of the report.

When you think you're content is ready, use the "Copy embed code" button on the left menu to copy an iframe-code. This code can be placed on any page on your website and will work with any kind of a website CMS system.

If you click on a specific section of the report (i.e. "B2B customer register", you will get the opportunity to copy the direct link from there as well.

Editing the embed report

To update the contents of the embed report, click "Update data". After this you will see the preview updating and fetching the latest data from your related documentation sections.

Other ways to edit your embed reports:

  • Edit the visual look of the embed. This is done in the Settings-modal.
  • Edit other settings of the embed (e.g. which items to include, etc.) This is also done in the Settings-modal.
  • Copy the embed code. This can be done from the left menu.
  • Delete the report

Editing embed colors

It is important to make sure that the background color and theme of the embedding fits well into the visual language of your website.

You can customize three colors:

  • The background color of the entire embed. Adjust this to the same as on your site (default #F3F2F1, common also white #FFF).
  • The background color of the individual data card. You should choose this as either white or light gray (default #FFF, common also gray #F3F2F1).
  • Theme color. This is used for links and buttons. Choose the leading color of your own site.

Embedding the code on your own site

To publish a description, do the following:

  1. Go to the Publishing tab
  2. Click "Copy embed code" to get the iframe-code
  3. Send the code to the website administrator or place it in the appropriate section on your website yourself

Linking individual items of the embedded report

You can not only embed a whole report, but also separate smaller parts of the whole report. First of all, publish the report e.g. at Once the report is published, you can get the parameter to place at the end to direct a user straight to the right page in the embed, e.g.

In order to do that, do the following steps:

  1. Open the (already published), report from the reporting section in Cyberday
  2. Click on the section you want to link separately (e.g. B2B customer register)
  1. click the button "Copy direct link" and add it in the desired place

The information displayed on the report

There is a feature to filter information displayed on some of the reports. Filtering can be done by the status of the target, for example by filtering out all the targets, expect the ones that have been set to status Processed.

Isn't the report displayed correctly?

Did you try to update the report using "Update data" -button? If the updating didn't help, please clear your cache, or open the report on a different browser.

Questions and feedback

Do you have any further questions, would need another help article or would like to give some feedback? Please contact our team via or the chat box in the right lower corner.


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