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Feature: Give feedback on guidelines

Why to give feedback?

  • Giving feedback improves the guidelines: Feedback provides an opportunity to improve the quality effectiveness of the guideline. By giving feedback you can point out things that appear unclear or suggest improvements
  • Better usage: Guidelines are meant to provide support and guidance to employees regarding information security. Your feedback generally helps creators to make the guidelines more user-friendly
  • Relevancy: If a guideline seems like it's not up to date, feedback helps creators keeping the guidelines up to date
  • Employee engagement: By giving feedback, an employee can actively participate in the security of the whole organization

How does it work?

After reading and accepting a guideline. An option to give feedback appears. Employees can also see the date the guideline was accepted.

Employees can select the type of the comment and optionally give a written explanation.

Where can admins find the comments?

Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Organization name drop down -> More -> Guideline comments

Admins can read the comments of the guidelines they have been set as an owner to. Admins can read the comments from the Organization dashboard.

From the guideline comments page admins can read the comments and mark them as accepted and improve the guidelines with the feedback.

Questions and feedback

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