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Taskbook instruction guide

Taskbook lists, onto one page, items that are owner by you in your organization's cyber security management system.

Understand the overall situation of you work

At the top of the Taskbook you will see a summary of the situation of your responsibilities.

  • The left menu you can see the amount of content from that theme and can navigate to them
  • The summary circle tells you the status of your work, how much hasn't been started, is under work or is done
  • Status buttons above the actual content filter the content by their status

How do I work with the taskbook

You can have two kinds of responsibilities - tasks and different kinds of documentation.

This is how you handle tasks

With the tasks given to you, you are expected to fulfill the information needed on the assurance tab. With the information it can be displayed how the task and linked requirement are fulfilled.

  • Fill the assurance information, which can vary depending on the type of assignment (linked documentation, linked instructions, process description)
  • Update the task status according to the state, if it is done or if the upgrades are still ongoing.
  • If needed, make free notes in the log for example for completed research, actions and decisions 

When fulfilling the task has another type of action than a simple process description, you can add other assurance options from the "More assurance options" button.

This is how you fill the documentation

Important assets for organizations digital security, that can be pointed as your responsibility are for example:

  • Data systems
  • Databanks
  • Partners 
  • Cyber security risks

You will see assets that need to be documented in your Taskbook as shown below.

Act as follows:

  • Click on the item name to open its documentation card
  • Click answers for the questions with the help of examples and instructions
  • When you complete a section, click on the “Mark as done” - link

You can go back to the Taskbook from the link in the top left corner of the page. If you fill in information, the progress bar next to the task grows. Blue color indicates questions that you filled, but haven’t marked as done yet. Green indicates questions that are marked as done.

Microsoft Teams- bot reminds you once a week

You will get a weekly reminder from the bot. The summary includes:

  • The number of tasks and assignments needing documentation, that are your responsibility
  • Items that need urgent attention
  • The amount of active assets

Items that need urgent attention are tasks or assignments needing documentation, that have either passed their deadlines or are waiting for your inspection.

Active items are tasks and assignments needing documentation, that you haven’t marked as done yet.