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Working as a partner: customer overview

To ensure the transparency and efficiency of our partnership, we have created our own Cyberday "Partner Portal", the customer overview. This helps our partners and us to keep the best possible overview of their customers in a relevant place: directly in Cyberday.

Accessing the customer overview

Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Organization name drop down-> switch accounts

You can find the overview of your customers from the drop down menu on the left by opening the drop down menu next to the organization name and clicking "switch account". You will then be taken to the overview page, where you have functions for creating new and switching in between existing customer accounts , next to a general overview and some additional filtering options.

You can see a list of all of your customers, but also filter by

  • trials (current trials of your customers)
  • active (customers of yours that have an active Cyberday subscription)
  • closed (potential customers that have had a trial account, but did not proceed to subscribe after the trial ended)

On the upper right side, you can also filter by the accounts, which currently need attention. From the list, you can see the basic summary of your customers: the name, main framework choice including the progress, the amount of users, the amount of activities of the last 90 days (to see if your customer is actively using Cyberday) and how many items may need attention in their account at this moment.

For each account, you can also see the information of the account state. Is it currently active? How many days are left in the trial or in case a subscription has been made, when did it start (so you also know when it will renew)?

Marking a deal as won

You can start by registering the deal via our partner form here.

If your customer decides to move from the free trial to the paid subscription, you can do the subscription via the order from in the app itself. Doing the subscription directly within Cyberday ensures to not have any interruptions in the usage. The billing is handled by Cyberday, unless otherwise agreed, and you as the Partner will be able to receive the commission from us. To make the progress as efficient and transparent as possible, please contact the for you responsible team member of Cyberday to confirm the new deal via email.

Therefore, please make sure the deal information as well as your billing information are always up to date. We are handling the new inquiries as fast as possible during business days. Note: You can also add notes to a deal if there is anything, that you would like the Cyberday team to inform about.

Technical support or problems

In case any technical issues appear, please contact our team as soon as possible either via email or via chat box in the bottom right corner (fastest answers!).

Other questions or feedback

For any further questions, please contact Céline from the Cyberday team ( or use the chat box in the bottom right corner.


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