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What kind of notifications are available?

Staying up to date with all of the important notifications and deadlines can be pretty complex with the amount of applications we are using in our working life. Therefore, receiving notifications where we actually notice them and can take actions is crucial to succeed with your cyber security work. For that reason, we have decided to offer you three different options to get notified with the most important notifications from Cyberday, so you don't have to open Cyberday to not miss anything important anymore. These are the options we have available for you:

Get notified via email

Getting notified via email is most likely the most basic way of receiving notifications. If you are not using MS Teams or Slack, this will be the most suitable option for you. Cyberday will simply send you an email with the most important events.

Get notified in MS Teams

If you are using MS Teams and have the Cyberday Teams integration active, you can receive your notifications directly in MS Teams. Like this, you will always stay up to date directly in the for you familiar Teams environment, where you can also access the Cyberday app as well. Read more about our Teams integration here.

Get notified via Slack

If you are using Slack for your working day, receiving Cyberday notifications directly in your Slack workspace will make it easier for you to follow the most important events in Cyberday.

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What kind of notifications does Cyberday sent for users?

  • Weekly Taskbook notifications for users: You will receive notifications for your Taskbook on a weekly basis. The Taskbook notifications inform you i.e. about tasks that are due soon or require actions now.
  • Montly Guidebook notifications for employees: All employees in your account will receive monthly employee Guideline notifications. The Guidebook notifications will also appear if i.e. a guideline needs to be read and accepted.
  • Due reminders: You will generally receive a notification for any item you own that is due soon (in 7 days) or due now (today).
  • Instant notifications: You will receive a notification for urgent situations immediately, i.e. in the case of an incident.
  • Comment mentions: When you have been mentioned in a comment, i.e. in a log, you will receive a notification.
  • Guideline feedback: If you are the owner of a guideline and an employee is giving feedback/a comment for that guideline, you will receive a notification.
  • Access requests: If you are an admin and an employee requests access to the app, you will receive a notification.
Simply click on the "Open Guidebook" in your notification and get straight to your Guidebook in Cyberday!

The benefits of notifications

Getting notified does not only has the benefit of you not missing out on any important happenings anymore, it also makes it easier for you to get to the required action. Our notifications usually come with a call-to-action button right away. You simply need to click on the button and you will get directed directly to the right spot in Cyberday.

Questions and feedback

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