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How to delegate tasks and show evidence of completion?

Tasks are one of the main content types in Cyberday. Tasks that need to be done can be viewed from the framework report of the active frameworks, the framework page or from the task lists under the themes.

Task Types in Cyberday

As seen in the screenshot below, you can find different task types, which require different kind of actions. In this example, the task is a technical task, which is shown in the upper right corner of the task field. That means this task requires you to link in a system, such as in this case the malware detection software your organisation is using.

On the right side next to the task field, you can activate and then click the "edit task" button. You will be able to select an owner, who will get the task shown in his taskbook as well then, provide more information of the current status of the task, the priority/criticality of the task (which has a pre-defined level in Cyberday, which you can adapt if needed) and set a due date of the task.

We always recommend to set a periodic review cycle for each task, as there may be some changes over time and the task needs to be updated. You can also always add more assurance either right away or later on in your progress. Simply click "Done editing" once you are done with the task for the moment before you return to the dashboard.

The other task types that you will find in Cyberday are organisational and people related tasks. The main difference, as already mentioned above, are the actions required to fulfil the task. For the organisational tasks, you will have to provide documentation, i.e. in form of listing assets. The people related tasks require i.e. guidelines for your employees. You can read more about our guidelines here.

To activate a suggested task:

  1. Choose the right theme from dashboard
  2. Choose the right tasks list
  3. Browse to the correct task and actiavate the task

To set a task owner:

  1. Choose the right theme from dashboard
  2. Choose the right tasks list
  3. Browse to the correct task and click "Set owner"
  4. Select any of the presented owners

Each user will see tasks assigned for them on their taskbook. Read more about our taskbook instruction guide here.

There are a few different assurance options to demonstrate completion of the task:

  • Most tasks require a task description that describes the implementation of the actions required by the task
  • The task may require completing a documentation list
  • The task may require adding and distributing guidelines

In addition, you can add additional assurances to the task yourself, if necessary, by selecting "More assurance options" in the assurance section when editing the task, for example:

  • Link a security sytem - you can select the security systems in use from the list
  • Add participants - implementation can be delegated to several users
  • Add how-to instructions - A more detailed explanation to help with the regular execution of the task, the text is internal and will not be shown in reports

Using the "ore assurance options" button, you can add additional verification methods from both lists above in addition to the default verification method for the task.