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Cyberday admin training

Intro to Cyberday concept, main features and available support methods.
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Presented by

Aleksi Pulkkanen

Co-Founder & COO @
Cyberday / Agendium Ltd
(45 min)
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about 45 minutes
We will briefly go through the Cyberday concept, most important features and support methods you can use on your cyber security work.

Webinar description

Cyberday is a cyber security management system that's used to demonstrate compliance with chosen requirements and organise all actions around cyber security in an organisation.

This is a brief user training, where we go through the Cyberday concept, most important features and ways to get support from our team on your cyber security work.

Webinar is targeted for people interested in Cyberday or orgnisation's new Cyberday admins / core team members.

Webinar contents

1. Cyberday

  • Concept
  • Deployment in Microsoft Teams

2. Frameworks

  • Selection and effect
  • Action plan - Understand how to get started

3. Cyberday key content types

  • Documentation - Describe the key elements of your cyber environment (with the help of examples)
  • Tasks - Delegate the important actions related to cyber security
  • Guidelines - Monitored and recurring training process for your personnel
  • Reporting - Automate the required documents and reports

4. Team collaboration

  • User management
  • Personal Taskbook-view
  • Personal Guidebook-view

5. Support methods

  • Chat
  • Personal Teams meetings
  • Webinars

We welcome questions and comments throughout the webinar! These are also an important part of the webinar content.

P.s. Registering for the webinar doesn't commit you to anything. You may also participate either "live" or via the recording, which you will receive automatically via email after the webinar is over.

Register for the webinar

Registering for the webinar does not bind you to anything. In addition, you can arrive to comment either "live" or look back at the recording you will automatically receive in the email. Also, watching the webinar does not require any software or installations.

We recommend using a Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browser.

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