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Optional data fields in Cyberday

Cyberday’s default structure in documentation directs to document the things required by the requirements framework, which are automatically utilized in e.g. reporting. However, the documentation can be expanded using optional data fields. In this way, for example, other important information needed by information management can be recorded in information systems.

Data fields edit mode

When optional data fields are available for the data card, administrators will see a "Edit Data Fields" button in the settings drop down menu from the top right corner.

Setting optional data fields on / off

You can only make edits to optional data fields. You will see buttons next to the relevant questions for this purpose.

Sometimes complete additional questions appear, sometimes additional points under existing questions.

Customize the visibility of your fields

  1. Click the "Edit Data Fields" button
  2. Make changes to the checkboxes for the optional fields that appear
  3. Click save
  4. Confirm the change in the second window that will appear

The change is automatically applied to all data cards for this type of element.

The new data fields appear immediately on the item's info card.

Do you want to request additions to the documentation structure?

You can contact us to request additions to the data fields or questions. Editing add-ons is efficient.

Request new optional data fields, e.g. via chat or


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