How do you benefit from ISO 27001 certification?

For many organizations, the question of why to actually become ISO27001 certified may rise more and more. There are actually several good reasons for why an organization may choose to become ISO 27001 compliant. We have a whole collection of information and learning material, including help articles, video courses and much more, concerning the ISO 2700 certification in our Academy. Please make sure to check those information materials as well, if you would like to learn more about the ISO 27001 certification. Otherwsie, I would like to introduce you to some good reasons to get ISO 27001 certified in this blog article.

Benefits of ISO 27001 certification

In today's digital world, the amount of data organisations collect, store and transmit, is larger than ever. Therefore, it is crucial for each organisation to create a good layer of cyber security to protect exactly those data as well as the organisation itself.  The ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognized approach for establishing and maintaining an ISMS and therefore a great proof for your customers, stakeholders and so on, that your organization has successfully implemented best practice information security methods.

Manage your security using best practices

The ISO 27001 framework creates a great base for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving information security management within an organisation. This can help organisations to protect their sensitive information and prevent security breaches, which is important because security breaches may often result in financial losses, reputational damage and legal penalties.

Stand out from competitors

Furthermore, the ISO 27001 certification may help an organization to stand out from its competitors by demonstrating that it has implemented an internationally recognized standard for information security management. Generally speaking this certification is beneficial for organisations of any size or industry, since everyone needs proof of good security nowadays - more and more clients will start asking for it!

Build trust with stakeholders

The certification is a good foundation to create trust and confidence with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders by demonstrating that information security is taken seriously and that the organization has implemented best practices to protect sensitive information. You will be able to enter the highly competitive international market and you may avoid filling out extensive and time consuming security questionnaires of i.e. your customers.

Meet related legal security requirements

Not only the factors above are a good motivation to work towards ISO 27001 compliance, but also the fact that the standard helps organizations to meet legal and regulatory requirements related to information security. Those could be e.g. the ISO 27001, GDPR or NIS2, which require the implementation of appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data. You can by the way work with all of those frameworks at the same time in Cyberday and you do not have to work with the same overlapping content over and over again, thanks to Cyberday's parallel mapping. So if you think that the ISO 27001 certification will cost you, keep in mind that the consequences of a security incident might cost you way more and not only financially, but also your reputation.

Get better through continuous improvement

One of the most important parts of the ISO 27001 certification is the long-term point of view. The ISO 27001 standard requires organizations to continually monitor and improve their ISMS from audit to audit. This helps to  identify and tackle potential vulnerabilities before they become a problem. 

All in all, certified and therefore provable cyber security is important for organizations, because it helps to protect sensitive information, prevent potential financial losses, ensure  business continuity, meet legal and regulatory requirements, and maintain customer trust and loyalty.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The ISO 27001 certification does not only require the work of one person, but a whole team will systematically be involved in handling the responsibilities. For the certification, you need to decide who is responsible for what and how different responsibilities are carried out. That is not the only teamwork needed for the certification. One of the greatest risks in cyber security is the human error. Your employees are one of the weak spots in your cyber security safety layer. With the right awareness training, which is required for the ISO 27001, you will work on that as well and strengthen your organization's standpoint. With the awareness in the focus, you will be creating an organization culture, which is conscious of information security and will help you to avoid security incidents. Make all of the employees participate in the protection process in their own level.

How does Cyberday help with your ISO 27001 work?

Cyberday is an agile compliance software, which will help you to meet the requirements in order to get ISO27001 certified. You can not only work with the content of the framework, but collect all of the crucial information in only one place. Build your individual ISMS and work closely together with your team.

In Cyberday you start by activating the ISO27001 framework and any additional framework you would like to work with. You can benefit from our MS Teams or Slack integration, so you will get your notifications and reminders where you will actually read them. Start by inviting your team and share responsibilities. Build your own policies by activating suggested tasks and collect compliance evidence by filling in the task cards. Create important documentation, such as assets, risks and much more directly in Cyberday. You don't need to fill anything from scratch: We will always provide you a template, a form or suggestions.

Build your employee's awareness by creating and spreading guidelines, make them understand the content even better with skill tests and case examples and receive statistics of their guideline acceptance.

Don't waste your time with writing long reports, but do them with simple mouse clicks directly in Cyberday. Cyberday will fetch the information from your active tasks and creates the automated reports for you!

No need to export anything for the audit and start panicking if you don't find the information when they are needed during the audit. imply do the audits in the for you familiar working environment in Cyberday. Create the audit reports directly during the audit, so you can find potential improvement ideas and put them into action afterwards.

Try Cyberday for free today!

Example screenshot of a how a compliance report in progress could look like.

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