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Become a Cyberday partner: Features, benefits and best practices

Good cyber security work is crucial for organization’s in today’s digital world. However, creating a well working layer of cyber security by i.e. building an ISMS can be complex and time consuming. Often this is still done with tools such as spreadsheets and documents, which makes the process rather difficult and confusing. Therefore, a good tool is inevitable for the long run. 

Cyberday provides organization’s with the right tool kit to efficiently improve their cyber security and to build and maintain their ISMS. Nevertheless, this is not always enough for an organization. In some cases, the tool itself will not solve the big picture. There may be a lack of an expert team, not enough resources or simply the need for a higher skill level on this topic. Therefore, a consultant needs to be taken into consideration.

The perfect combination

When combining an agile and smart tool with the expertise of a consultant, any organization will be in best hands. Like this, the organization can still involve its own team, build and maintain an own ISMS, while still receiving the expertise and support required from a consultant. The consultant is not only overseeing “a cyber security project”, but remains reachable directly through the ISMS tool in the long run as well. Like this, expertise can be acquired whenever it is needed, even if the main project is done. 

Furthermore, receiving a certification often means working with the cyber security topic intensively for a relatively short period of time (compared to the long-term goal of staying certified and recertify in the future). After the certification is reached and the “real process” of cyber security work, improvements and continuous improvements, should start, the ISMS often remains barely touched. It is hard to find or do anything if the ISMS is build out of several documents, spreadsheets and information, which are spread in several different locations, done by another person. Did something change since it has been last updated? Are all the systems still up to date, all the documentation items, all the information? If everything is handled in one place, a team has been involved, reminders are set and notifications will be sent automatically, the working progress will not stop. It will move forward, in one way or another. Responsibilities can easily be switched, persons can be notified or, once again, the expert, the consultant, may be contacted to check a specific topic. 

Are you a consultant who is looking for a good and efficient tool like Cyberday for your work? Would you like to work with several different customers via one tool? Would you like to save time and effort thanks to automations and work with a library of frameworks to offer to your clients? Then this might be the perfect solution for you and you should keep reading!

Becoming a partner & partnership types

Who can become a partner?

We have different partnership models for different kind of partners. First of all, if you would like to simply be an affiliate partner, meaning recommending and advertising the product, all you need to do is accepting our terms and conditions and register a minimum of one deal per year. You can be i.e. a cyber security blogger, an IT-company or anyone, who would like to recommend Cyberday. If you would like to use our partner version of the tool, the requirements are slightly more strict: you need a VAT registered company, register several deals per year, participate in some marking efforts and in the best case be active in the consultation industry. More details on the requirements will be explained in the following parts of this article.

What kind of partnerships do you offer?

We currently offer three partnership types: 

The Affiliate Partners are only required to register at least one deal per year after becoming our partner. Affiliate Partners will get access to the Cyberday Partner Portal and receive 25% commission of the first years subscription fee. However, Affiliate Partners do not have an own (free) Cyberday account or other Cyberday partner features.

Consultation and Channel Partner

Both, Consultation and Channel Partner, will benefit from a free Cyberday account for their own use, including the partner features, which will allow them to work directly through the own Cyberday account with their customers. Both will receive access to our Cyberday Partner Portal to register deals, receive information and marketing material and to communicate with our team. We will have regular check up meetings to discuss open questions and feedback. The Partners can register different customers and show Cyberday through i.e. a via their Cyberday Partner Account created free demo account. The work can be done with our agile partner features directly in Cyberday. Both of the partners will receive 25% commission of the first years subscription fee. However, only Channel Partners will receive a recurring commission for the following years as well. Another difference between the Consultation and the Channel Partner is the level of commitment. A Consultation Partner only needs to register a minimum of three new deals per year, while a Channel Partner commits to a minimum of 10 new deals per year. The Channel Partner will also do the billing in his name, meaning we will not directly pay a “commission” to him, but will invoice the subscription fee minus the commission fee directly to the Partner.

Partner features and working with clients

Partners are using Cyberday with all of its already known features, including some additional partner features, which are made to make the consultation work more efficient than ever. Our Partners are shown in the Dashboard of the customers as the main contact person. In the screenshot below, you can see the Cyberday logo and name in the box on the right. In that spot, the partner logo and name will be shown, so the partner will be visible as the main contact person.

In that specific box, the partner can also create new and switch between existing customer accounts to easily access the accounts without logging out of the own one. The partner can see all of the assigned responsibilities, such as tasks, in the taskbook and also access the organization’s Dashboard to actively participate in the cyber security work, depending on the agreement with the own client.

As we have a constantly growing library of frameworks, you are able to offer your clients different frameworks, eventually even some, which you do not usually work with thanks to the opportunity to easily access the requirements & tasks of each framework directly in Cyberday.

You can create a gap analysis for a for the framework relevant to your customer directly in Cyberday. This is free of charge and could be a great way to start a workshop with your client to convince the client of your service in combination with using Cyberday as a tool. The gap analysis comes with two different views, one for your client i.e. while presenting it and one with more details and space for notes for you, the presenter and consultant. Like this, you can gather information rather quickly and use them later on. The gap analysis can be forwarded to the client afterwards. 

How to work with a client in Cyberday

Your clients will receive an invitation to their own Cyberday account after you have been creating their account through your partner version of Cyberday. The client will have an own and independently working ISMS. I.e., your client can assign you tasks and themes and can come back to you at any time to receive expertise and support whenever a rather tricky cyber security topic comes up. 

You will be able to help your clients build an ISMS and prepare them i.e. for a certification. It is possible to track your time in Cyberday while working with the client's ISMS, if you would like to keep the overview of time spent on each project. Further, you will collect provable material of what you have been doing for the client, which can be i.e. beneficial for billing material later on. 

To summarise our partner features, we provide you a great tool kit for working efficiently and transparently with and for your clients. Our growing framework library and our smart features, such as the automated reporting, will increase your efficiency and may even open you doors to new markets. 

Would you like to learn more about our partner functions and how they work? Stay tuned and follow our upcoming articles! If you are interested in becoming a partner, you can check our partner page on our website or directly book a meeting to discuss with our team about the opportunity here.


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