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Infographic: Why is cyber security getting more and more important?

Why the risks associated with cyber attacks continue to increase?

Because nowadays everyone's a target

Cyber attacks are targeted to organizations of all sizes and even individuals, as RaaS gets more popular and all kinds of attacks can be executed in a more automated way.

Because we're not too good at protecting our data

We're better accustomed to security measures on the physical world, but still we fall for easy mistakes like skipping multi-factor authentication, bad password hygiene or disregarding patching on the digital world. 

Global shortage of skilled security professionals just makes the problem worse.

Because cybercrime is very, very profitable

Cybercrime is nowadays more profitable than the global illegal drug trade. Cybercriminals have a payday, as every knowledge worker has more devices and more data at hand at every second.

What are today's biggest cyber threats?


AKA: Social engineering, email spoofing, identity theft

Password attacks

AKA: Compromised credentials, password cracking


AKA: Viruses, trojan horses, spyware, worms

Insider attacks

AKA: Malicious employees, internal cyber attacks


AKA: Encryption ransoms, CryptoWalls

Supply chain attacks

AKA: Third-party attacks, watering hole attacks

Illegal personal data processing

AKA: Data protection compliance, GDPR compliance


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