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Cyberday Teams app is now available!

Our Teams app passed the latest Microsoft tests and is now available from the Teams app store.

In this article, we will briefly review the benefits and deployment of Cyberday's Teams app.

Download Cyberday Teams app from the Teams Store

For both new and existing Cyberday users, access through Teams begins by downloading the app from the Teams app store.

Search on Teams store
  1. Click the menu button from the Teams left menu -> More apps
  2. Type into the search "Cyberday"
  3. Click the app card -> Add
Adding Cyberday app

The application will then appear in the left sidebar. You can always pin an application visible in the sidebar by right-clicking it -> Pin.

You will see the quick-link to download the app also in the browser UI

Also at the top of the browser UI is a notification about the release of Teams app and a quick link for download. The use of Cyberday can also be continued in full through the browser interface.

It's also possible to distribute the app for all employees automatically using App setup policies (Microsoft's help article)

To link your current Cyberday account to Teams environment

You can access the same Cyberday content from both the browser UI and Teams. To do this, an existing Cyberday account needs to be linked to your organization’s Teams environment, which requires a little help from our team..

  1. Download the app as instructed above
  2. Go to app and click "Confirm" to identify yourself
  3. You'll see a notification, that there's not account yet for this organization. Choose "Connecto to existing account"
  4. Click "Send request" from the next modal
Existing customers can link Teams to their existing Cyberday account

Your request will automatically be accompanied by your organization's Teams ID, which will allow us to link your current account to the correct Teams environment. Our team strives to respond to requests as quickly as possible - no later than the next business day.

You will be notified by email when the connection is complete. You will then be able to access your own familiar Cyberday content directly through Teams.

If you need any help in connecting the account, contact us via chat or at

What are the benefits of the Teams app?

From the beginning, our goal was to make Cyberday its best within Teams. This means that all features work in Teams and at the same time we can offer you other automation benefits. Of course, Cyberday can still be used in its entirety in a separate online user interface via the website.

All features in a familiar place

Cyber security work is a team game. Now you can easily invite new users directly through Teams, and they don’t have to learn a new website where to remember to go.

Cyberday is designed to fit nicely inside Microsoft Teams

When developing our Teams app, we also simplified many parts of our interface. We wanted the app to fit as well into the Teams environment as possible. The user logics, visual appearance and many other factors have been designed to feel familiar to the experienced Teams user from the beginning.

No new tools to learn. No new websites to go to.

Streamlined user management

Cyberday Teams app uses only your Microsoft365-accounts - no separate user account is required. When you invite a new administrator from Teams, he or she will only verify his or her identity with a Microsoft ID, and will immediately be able to access your Cyberday account. 

No need for separate credentials

A new user can download the application and request access to the admin side, which must be approved by the previous administrators.

No separate credentials to remember.

Automated reminders and staff training

Cyberday is used to delegate responsibility for tasks and assign guidelines to different units. This creates a separate task book for each digital security core team member and a separate guidebook for each employee. These allow everyone to see all the content targeted to them.

Guidebook includes your personal security guidelines to accept

Cyberday bot inside Teams ensures that employees do not forget their responsibilities or their guidelines. The bot occasionally reminds you of the contents and monitors their acceptance.

Botti muistuttaa ohjeista ja tehtävistä

Credible control over the execution of tasks and compliance with guidelines.

Want to know more?

As always, you can ask anything from our team or book a time for a meeting.

If you'd like to get started immediately, download our Teams app now >>


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