Use and evaluation of password management system


The password management system allows the user in a registration situation to decide how complex a password is to be set this time and to remember it on behalf of the user.

When using the password management system, e.g. the following principles:

  • the system will force the use of unique passwords in the future
  • the system warns the user to change old recurring passwords
  • the system forces you to choose passwords that are complex enough, of high quality
  • the system forces the user to change the temporary password the first time they log on
  • the system forces you to change the password that may have been compromised in the data leak
  • the system prevents the same passwords from being reused
  • the system keeps password files separate from other data and strongly encrypted
Connected other frameworks and requirements:
9.3: User responsibilities
ISO 27001
9.3.1: Use of secret authentication information
ISO 27001
9.4.3: Password management system
ISO 27001
5.17: Authentication information
ISO 27001
4.1 (MIL2): Establish Identities and Manage Authentication
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