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small improvement
June 16, 2023

Summary: Cyberday content update v46

We regularly update Cyberday's content templates so that they remain in line with different security requirements and general good practices. Now it was time for the content update v46, during which we updated our documentation templates with numerous customer-wished improvements.  

Changes are mostly "small but important". This update small summaries about the most notable changes.

Extended documentation card for system providers and personal data processors

We added the following sections:

  • Does the partner belong to the supply chain of the services we offer?
  • How critical information does the partner process?
  • Ability to influence the content of the contract? (small, average, high)
  • Kuinka vaikeaa kumppanin korvaaminen on? (helppo, vaikea, mahdoton)
  • How is the partners cybersecurity level verified? (via certifications, own monitoring actions or in no way)

The changes are intended to help identify critical partners and ensure that for important partners we have sufficient evidence gathered of their information security level.

In the future, we will create more features for monitoring partners, through which you can e.g. send information security questionnaires to desired partners.

Extended documentation card for other security requirements

We improved the management of other security requirements with the following additions:

  • Connected customers
  • What measures are taken to fulfill the requirement?
  • Connected tasks
  • Connected assets in the ISMS

With the help of these additions, it is possible to more clearly document, for example, additional commitments given to individual customers or own quality requirements - and related measures and other items in the management system.

Extended documentation card for units and sites (previously offices)

Additions were made to the documentation cards of the units and sites, which will be included in the new "Organizational structure" page in the future. Through this page, you can more precisely define which units and sites your organization is made up of. Units can also be classified according to their nature (department, team, subsidiary, etc.) and into main units vs. sub-units.

New section for joint controllers on data store documentation

Important small addition on the data store documentation cards:

  • Is the processing of the data decided together with another organization?
  • If it is, the joint controller(s) in question must then be named

New optional Support-question on data systems

We added an optional question on the data system card:

  • How do users get support for using the system?

Topics related to user support can be addressed under the question.

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