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Linking existing SharePoint files to your Cyberday content

When using Cyberday, you have several different options to add different kinds of assurance options. One is to link external files.

How to connect your Sharepoint with Cyberday

Where to find this view: Dashboard -> Organization name drop down -> Organisation settings

You can connect your SharePoint with Cyberday in the Organization Settings. Go to the Organization Dashboard and select "Settings" from the left menu. In the setting page, select and expand "Organisation settings" and scroll down to the SharePoint settings. Then add your SharePoint URL and the SharePoint site name and click "Save". Check from the screenshot below how to see your URL and site name from the browser address bar. You can connect one Sharepoint site.

SharePointURL is e.g. (no other parts needed)

SharePointURL site name is e.g. Dev (you can see a full list of sites your SharePoint account has on your SharePoint start page)

Linking SharePoint files to tasks

When linking an external file to a task, you have to firstly open the theme and then the task you would like to add the file to. Click the "edit task" button and select "+ more assurance" option in the task card. Then simply click the "Add" button under "Link external files".

Once you have clicked on the "Add" button, the window will close and you can see the "Pick new files from SharePoint" option in the task card. Click on this one and select the external file you would like to add. Remember to click the "Done editing" button when you have added the external file and are done with the task editing for now.

Linking SharePoint files to documentation items

To add external files to documentation items, first go to the Documentation tab and the correct documentation list, in which the documentation item you are aiming to add an external file to, is. Click on the documentation item in the list, so the documentation card opens. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the documentation card and select "Link external files". By clicking that, you will jump directly to the right spot where you can click on "Pick new files from SharePoint". Select the file you would like to add and click "Select". The window will not close automatically. You can add several external files before closing the window.

Linking SharePoint files to guidelines

If you would like to add an external file to your guideline, go first to the guideline you would like to add the external file to. Then click on "Training Content" in the guideline card and select the three dots on the right side.

After clicking on the three dots, you can click "Link external files". Scroll down to the selection of adding external files and click on it.

When you have clicked on the "+", a new window will open (see screenshot below).

Select the external file of your choice and click "Select". You may have to close the window by yourself if it does not disappear. The External file will be listed under "Files related to the guideline". Once the file is added, you can click "Preview" to preview the file or click on the red trashcan button to delete it.

Editing and previewing linked files

After adding an external file, you can easily preview the file by clicking on "Preview". For example the in the documentation card added external files also have a link to edit the external file. To edit the file, click on the "Edit in browser" on the right and the SharePoint file will open in a new tab to be edited.

Why are external files used?

If you would like to either for example add additional assurance to a task or if you simply have ready written documents or files related to some item in your ISMS, you can use external files.

Questions and feedback

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