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Joining collaboration groups in Community

The Community section allows you to connect with peers, personalize your experience, and share insights. You can join tailored "collaboration groups," choose your level of privacy, and engage in structured discussions. Our aim is to support you and promote knowledge sharing, with specialized groups for various interests, roles, and topics. Within the Community, you'll find a "Support forum" and a dynamic "Cyber news feed" to keep you informed and connected.

Read more in our community introduction post. Once you have joined our community and you would like to learn more about posting there, read our instructions about posting in our community here.

Why should you join one of our collaboration groups?

What sets the Community apart is the opportunity for personalization. You can join "collaboration groups" tailored to your interests, starting with open groups and expanding to semi-open and closed options. These groups feature dedicated forums and news feeds to facilitate deeper discussions and focused knowledge sharing.

Your participation can be as public as you'd like, with user profiles, or entirely anonymous to ensure your comfort and privacy.

Our primary objective with the Community is to foster the sharing of best practices and provide unwavering support to you, our valued Cyberday users. These collaboration groups offer specialized opportunities for those in specific industries, roles (such as DPOs), or interested in particular topics, enabling even more effective and targeted discussions.

Joining a collaboration group

We have three different stages of collaboration groups in our community:

- Open groups: Everyone can see the content and join this group.

- Semi-open groups: You can join on request to see the content. This is designed for the people that work in the specific industry.

- Closed groups: Only with invitation (these are not yet available)

Coming up: Create groups yourself

Very soon, you will be able to create your very own groups for specific themes, which you consider as relevant and which do not yet have an own group. That means you can even create closed groups for your company or consortium, if you would like to for example create a communication channel related to your cyber security work, directly in your cyber security working environment.

Questions and feedback

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