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As the cyber threat landscape heats up and organisations run into news about breaches "on neighbouring organisations", more and more are thinking whether their current level of cyber security is good enough when compared to best practices.
At the same time, compliance landscape gets continously more complex to navigate and many end customers are requesting proof of compliance e.g. with ISO 27001, GDPR, local laws and requirements, EUCS, PCI DSS, SOC 2, NIST...
Customers are looking for a partner for overall cyber security management. We think that partner should be you - the IT partner who the customer trusts already. And we can help you provide the service in a way that works for you.

Choose your preferred service level

1. Recommendation

Recommend Cyberday for your customers. We'll take care of marketing, sales and support.
Sales commissions
Own channel branding

2. Consulting

Sell your own cyber security consulting package for customers, that Cyberday complements.
Sales commissions
Own channel branding
Gap analysis tools
Chat support signals

3. Custom service

Your own, fully customized and white-labeled framework in Cyberday that highlights your core competences.
Sales commissions
White label
Gap analysis tools
Chat support signals
Customized security framework for your customers

Your benefits through Cyberday partnership

Improved cyber security level for your customers

When the customer has a better grasp of their security level, they can spot needed improvements on their IT environment - to order from you.

Increased cyber security sales for your company

Sell consulting, execute Cyberday tasks on your customers behalf and divide security-related responsibilities clearer to avoid breaches.

Strengthened cyber security profile for your MSP

Grow your portfolio on the security side with an overall management system, which is often the first thing your customer needs to understand cyber security better.

How we support you

Our philosophy in partnerships is, that you can first start with a minimum investment from your part, but later e.g. expand to a more visible role towards your customers inside Cyberday, once you see the partnership working.

Competence development

Training through webinars for your experts, help in service development, own accounts and all the help that you need to master Cyberday as well as needed.
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Customer / technical support

We can either take care of full customer support through chat / email, or you can handle this and forward tricky cases for us.
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Sales through co-webinars

Webinars are our leading customer channel. We can run as many co-webinars for your clients as necessary. At minimum you get good cybersec content for your customer base. See examples >>
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Account management tools

We'll provide you with tools that help you see the status of Cyberday account on your channel and see who might be e.g. in need of assistance and who are very active.
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Gap analysis tools

If you want to help a customer started on their cyber security journey, you can start by conducting a free gap analysis using Cyberday. With the help of results, customer can make the decisions of going forward.
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Including for example ready-made webinar invitations and agendas you can forward, newsletters and messaging templates for your customers.
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Building close, long-term partnerships with their customers is often in the DNA of best MSPs. We've been fortunate to already locate many great partners with whom to create mutually beneficial cooperation.

What our partners say?

"Cyberday has helped us to help our customers with GDPR compliance and complying with other security requirements and have a strong answer for cyber security customer questions."
Examples of other MSP partners

Want to be one of us?

Send us your contact info and let's discuss more together about doing business better and how we can complement each others services. When we're successful, you win, we win and most importantly - your customers win.

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3. Training of your people with the necessary level and a roll-out of sales & service supported by Cyberday

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We're helping a broad range of customers with cyber security and compliance needs, from municipalities to health care, industrial companies and hi-tech startups.

What our customers say?

"Information Management Act requires us to create an information management model. Key people  researched many options and Cyberday was chosen as the best option e.g. due to price, ease of use and integration to Teams environment."