Cyber tasks for key people

Ensure execution

Delegate the required tasks for right persons

Every theme on CyberDay includes different tasks corresponding to selected frameworks. First delegat the ownership of theme, then for each task to correct owner.

Task owner
Theme owner
Demonstrate execution

Show how each of the tasks are being executed

Many tasks will be executed outside CyberDay, but it's vital to gather evidence to demonstrate execution in the system. This will help internal analysis and extenal auditing.

Each task highlights a certain evidence, which can be e.g. process descriptions or documentation and guidelines linked to the task.

Process description
Linked documentation
Linked guidelines
Helping you remember

Due dates and bot won't let you forget

Our Teams bot ensures, that each owner remembers their responsibilities and keeps tasks updated on CyberDay. Especially the system alerts of overdue or blocked tasks.

Bot also works through the browser extension

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