Cyber guidelines for employees

Define the units

Split employees into relevant units

An employee will show up on CyberDay immediately as they have installed the Teams app.

You can target guidelines for all employees or only the selected units. You can create the correct unit structure for you, either by role characteristics like remote workers or organization structure (e.g. sales, HR).

Browser extension can be used instead of Teams
Target guidelines

Choose distribution method for guidelines

Click through the list of ready-made guideline suggestions. The list is created according to your framework choice. Choose either all employees or select the correct units.

Unit-based guidelines
Ready-made suggestions
Ensure Awareness

Bot ensures people know about the guidelines

Once you've selected the distribution, the bot goes to work. It will send one message each morning for people, highlighting important content related to their guidelines. People are also asked to accept the guideline or to tell a reason why they can't follow it.

Guideline acceptance
Periodic skill tests
Case examples highlight the 'why'

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